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Why did we start this blog? 

My wife and I decided to review records in our collection, due to our passion for music and the level of relaxation we get from listening. 


We have a modest collection so far that, one day, will be handed down to our children and it is currently in the region of 500+ records. Honest reviews without the deep dive to provide insight into records you might not think you'd enjoy. 


Our energetic children will also come along for the musical journey as it is never too early for music. With the heavier music we will make sure they wear some ear protection!


If you're interested in all genres,  prepared to read an under 10 minute article each Sunday and listen to quality music, then you're in the right place.  


There is nothing better than a bit of Rest and Relaxation (R'nR) to music in order to better your mood and lift your spirits. 

Spins are waiting and we extend our invitation to you to come along on the journey with us! 

Rylo family

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