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Spin #110 : The Black Market : Rise Against


Good to be back with our 110th Spin from the R'nR with Rylo collection. What did you all do on your Sunday without a spin to read last week? I have to admit, I was a bit sad to have the week off from writing & spinning, because it has become such a part of my routine. It was a lovely wedding for Night Kat Kiz's little sister and our kids were on their best behaviour as flower girl and ring bearer. The celebrant said to our kids, "You'll walk down the middle of the aisle and hand the rings off to the best man". Our son responded very kindly with, "Yeah, we know what to do". The celebrant laughed and mentioned later that he was not short of confidence.

Congratulations to R + R on your wedding day and wishing you all the best on your honeymoon. The weather for the wedding ceremony was perfect (not too hot, good cloud coverage for photos) and our daughter was asleep before I could even get the pasta cooked for their dinner at 5.30PM.

We managed to get back home, ahead of majority of the school holiday traffic and use the Sunday as our 'get back into routine and clean' day. This week at work has flown by and we are all feeling sluggish by the time the weekend came around. Our kids have had a lot of excitement while away on holiday and I'll mention a few things that happened throughout this Spin. One thing I will include is a picture our 5 year old son drew of a submarine filled with water - he was talking about science experiments and wanted me to add this picture (not showing his face). He really enjoyed his theme days his school provided for kids who's parents were working and asked us for more days in the future. The glasses he is wearing in the picture are from his volcano making day where he witnessed a homemade volcano erupting!

This week we will be spinning the 2014 album 'The Black Market' by Chicago band, Rise Against. They're a favourite band of Night Kat Kiz and one that I can say I've seen play live at Download festival in 2019. Originally would have seen them at Big Day Out in 2010 but they were on at the same time as Dizzee Rascal, and I wasn't missing that at the main stage. If you like your punk-rock a bit more melodic and hardcore, then you'll find something to love on this album. I managed to find a copy for her on pink/black swirl vinyl -limited run of 300 pressed. It comes in a gatefold with lyrics printed and a stencil of the band's logo. When reading up on this album, I was shocked to hear that it is regarded as their worst one. That isn't to say that it's a bad album, but just not as liked as their other ones. The last Sunday Spin was a 45RPM, I had forgotten to change it back to 33 1/3 RPM before hitting the go button. Silly Dad.

I was a bit disappointed with the plastic sleeve this came with and is such a snug fit. I couldn't get the hype sticker off it properly and haven't swapped it out for a bigger sleeve. I think they used the size suitable for a single jacket rather than a gatefold. Such a small issue with the overall product though because everything else about it is of a high quality. Our almost 3 year old daughter thought that I had coloured the LP with crayons and wanted to add more colour to it. I had to stop her quickly and she did get upset. We laughed it off with a dance party as the sounds of 'THE GREAT DIE-OFF' and 'I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE' played through the Marshall Woburn II speaker. She laughed her little head off as we pretended to mosh out together. Our daughter looks like such a little headbanger with her long '80s style metal hair.

While this record is playing I did feel that a white turntable mat would have showed the colour better, as oppose to the black turntable mat we have. The best way to show the colour of this pink/black swirl LP is holding it up against the backdrop of the window.

My favourite songs from Side A are: 'TRAGEDY+TIME', 'THE BLACK MARKET', 'THE ECO-TERRORIST IN ME' and my favourite songs from Side B are: 'A BEAUTIFUL INDIFFERENCE', 'ZERO VISIBILITY' and 'BRIDGES'

While we are listening to this I am watching the kids put empty cardboard boxes on their heads and laugh as they play around. One box is a toaster box because our toasted decided to cark it on Tuesday. Our son had set up his workstation with the toaster box, pretending to cook toast as he worked. If you are listening along to this album then you'll hear the clarity in the bass and guitars coming through the speaker. 'ZERO VISIBILITY' has some awesome drumming to lead it off and powerful vocals that will provide some energy/motivation. "Moments of clarity here are short-lived. Bled through the bandages again. When is a lie, no longer white but black as a day without sun". I think it is my favourite from the album but I'm interested to hear what song has got you up and about?

Night Kat Kiz said to me this morning that we need to put the winter blankets in the loungeroom but I misheard her and thought she said "we need to get the winter lounge out". I responded with, "I'll ask Raymondo to put our Summer lounge away and bring out the Winter lounge". We had a good laugh about that. While we were away up North we had some nice moments playing in the bottom of the shower because the bath wasn't included as booked. I splashed around in the bottom of the shower with the kids and we pretended to hear whale and dolphin sounds through the plastic cups. Everything was going nicely until the crazy seagull came (our son making bird sounds). The place would have been awesome as a couple going out for dinner and drinks, but it definitely wasn't kid friendly as described. Night Kat Kiz and I were exhausted because we couldn't lock the sliding door and keep the kids away from the spiral staircase to the rooftop. It could lock, but it was a keyless twist at kid height. Plus the television was underneath the kitchen bench and able to topple over onto the tiles if a kid wanted to pull it down.

I think we all need an actual holiday like we took to Mogo Zoo and Tomakin area in early 2023. The Anzac Day memorial service was good too but they flew a jet low without telling anyone it was going to happen. It must have been making it's way back from Brisbane or Gold Coast because it wasn't a part of the Kingscliff ceremony. It was so low and loud that I grabbed our kids heads and ears to cover them. Night Kat Kiz looked around to see what it was because at first we couldn't see the plane. So many families and veterans were surprised and it was a really poor effort by the plane to do that. We had to have rainbow gelato to calm the kids down and they loved it. Scary moment because we were so helpless and exposed.

If you are crate digging anytime soon and come across a Rise Against album, I recommend that you grab it. If this is regarded as their worst album then you won't go wrong with any of their others. I hope that you enjoyed listening to 'The Black Market' by Rise Against and listening along with our family here at R'nR with Rylo. Make sure to grab a nice book, coffee or moment to relax while we experience this drizzly weather. Apparently the rain is going to stick around for a bit so there is no excuse not to spin some records.

Until our next Spin......

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