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Spin #114 : I Want You : Marvin Gaye


I remember flipping through record bins back in 2014-15 and coming across this record by Marvin Gaye. I think it was the artwork that made me pick it up and also the fact that I didn't own any Gaye records in the R'nR record collection. I didn't know a lot about this 1976 album titled, 'I Want You', but I was intrigued. Over the years I've listened to albums by Bill Withers, Patrice Rushen, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, The Isley Brothers, Minnie Riperton and for that reason thought - why not this one too. Listening to this album took me straight back to the time I purchased it. Who would have thought that 10 years had flown by so quickly. The front artwork is titled, 'The Sugar Shack' by Ernie Barnes and is something that I would like to enlarge and put up on our wall to look at. There is a lot happening in this scene and the main point to take away from this is that everyone is happy dancing.........except one person sitting down, dressed in blue. I keep looking at the artwork, asking myself why is there only one person like this? Why isn't he dancing to the music being played on stage. Questions that will remain unanswered I guess. The colour scheme of the album works with the artwork and maybe its because I'm a bit partial to brown and gold (Go Hawks!!!).

Overall, 'I Want You' is one of those records that you place on your turntable to unwind to. At points it gives off a Barry White vibe, in terms of sensual sounds. I swear throughout the album that Prince has snuck into the studio adding some of his legendary sexual chemistry. If you have no idea what I am talking about, listen to the Purple Ones albums - '3121', 'Come' and 'Controversy'. My Favourite tracks on the album would be 'AFTER THE DANCE(INSTRUMENTAL)', 'SINCE I HAD YOU' and 'SOON I'LL BE LOVING YOU AGAIN'. The only other Gaye album that we have in our collection is courtesy of Waxx Lyrical. They had his monumentally successful album, 'What's Going On' as their record of the month back in March 2023. I'd like to get a few more Gaye albums and I was shocked that this was already his 14th studio album. Not many people know that he passed away the day before his 45th birthday. Horrible to think that he was shot twice by his father, after intervening in an argument between his parents. Such a sad way to go and changed that whole family dynamic forever.

I haven't come across a bad pressing from the Motown/Tamla label and can confirm that this pressing is incredibly good. The range between the lows and mid sounds are easily identifiable and you can lose yourself in the soulful sounds of the bassline. The production and rhythm arrangements by Leon Ware needs a special mention too. Our children are happily playing 'office' in the front room. They have made some computers out of boxes and pretending to work in an office environment. It was cute when our son pretended that an app wouldn't work on his computer and he needed to call IT Support. I responded with, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?". This week I haven't had a lot of time with the kids, but we have made some special time doing puzzles as a family. Night Kat Kiz found some Bluey puzzles that vary in difficulty. It was interesting seeing our kids thought pattern and problem solving skills. Particularly our 5 year old son who managed to navigate the tricky puzzles with ease. We will have to look at some bigger, more complex puzzles and add them to the family collection.

On Saturday morning, I woke up early to read and also prep this spin, but the kids woke up early too. I set-up our chairs so they were facing each other and we could all sit together reading books. It was nice seeing the kids settle for a small while and want to read books with their Dad. We then went into the kitchen, because our littlest Rylo was hungry for breakfast.

Artists impression of our kids making scrambled eggs

I found an old billboard promoting the album and thought to myself - why don't they do this anymore? I can't remember seeing this for an album for a very long time. It almost looks like promotion for a movie or stage show. I guess, unless your Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Can't be certain but I think in the states they surely would have released some billboards to promote their latest albums.

On Wednesday of next week, I will begin the Push-Up Challenge, supporting awareness for Mental Health. If you want to get involved I have included the link for you here. If you are able to donate, all proceeds raised will go towards Headspace in Wollongong. They work with youth who are struggling and after the last few years, I feel there would be an awful lot of kids needing help. Every push-up is to reflect the life of every person lost to suicide last year in Australia. That is 3,249 lives lost, which means 3,249 push-ups to complete. I have been prepping slowly each week with strengthening and stretching, so hopefully I can achieve that target. Thanks to everyone who has already donated and supported the cause.

This album does seem to fly by so quickly and before you know it, the stylus is returning itself to the cradle. It feels like it played too quickly and because the kids are so happy in the front room, I may flip it back over to Side A and drop the stylus again. What have you thought of this classic album? Hopefully you learnt something about this album or found some time to rest and relax today. I've been reading a book by Stephen King called, 'Fairy Tale'. It started off slowly, by building the framework of the characters nicely, before launching into the journey section of the book. I might try and read some more of it tonight once everyone has gone to sleep. I have a couple of books to get through and motivated to get through them quickly. Remember to hug your loved ones and keep out of this cold rain if you are living on the East Coast of Australia. It's Winter now and our son keeps saying, "Its hot dad". I think he has his temperatures mixed up and our daughter copies him. The also call breakfast - lunch, lunch - dinner and dinner-breakfast. Maybe they are so clever that they are doing it on purpose to annoy Night Kat Kiz and I.

Until our next Spin......

P.S - Up the Hawks!

Jack Ginnivan helping out the team

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