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Spin #119 : Butterfly Blue : Mallrat


Firstly, I wanted to say to Mallrat that I hope her family will be ok following the tragic news recently. She lost her little sister and It's such a horrible thing for her and her family to be experiencing right now. From all of us here at R'nR with Rylo, we are sending our thoughts and love your way mate. If you know Grace (Mallrat) and you are reading this blog, make sure you surround her with love right now.

I was thinking about this album the other day and trying to remember when it was coming up as our Sunday Spin. 'Butterfly Blue' is a stellar debut album and relatively newer addition to our collection here at R'nR with Rylo. To think what she has accomplished on this, at her first attempt, is impressive (once you hear the album, you'll feel hopefully the same way). What have we been up to this week? Well, between work and the kids school/day care, it has been jam packed. I even found sometime to have a haircut and get my eyes tested for new specs, (must have been 6 years almost since my last pair). I'm trying to find moments to put back into myself and that in turn allows me to take better care of my loved ones. I have a birthday gift from my Mum and Dad to book in the coming week or so - sauna and float session. My body is craving the relax after completing the 3,249 push ups last month and my neck has been quite stiff. Our 5 year old son had his last week of school before the holidays and enjoyed a Toy Story movie and pizza party on Friday. Our daughter believes every day should be a party and she continues to have the best time at her daycare. She will be 3 in a couple of weeks and is already demanding a pony party. Thank you Bingo / Muffin.

I remember this album being released, at a time where the world was still a bit unknown and I found music as a way to escape from it. Everyone around the world was trying to find their place of where they fit in and artists were starting to flood the market with releases. 2022 was a year that had a lot of great albums. This was largely because the years before were limited in touring and releases. Out of all the albums released that year, I can honestly say that 'Butterfly Blue' stood out to me. The album artwork seems simple enough on first glance, but you don't capture everything that is going on. Grace Shaw is standing in a dress that resembles a blue butterfly. She is trying to take your attention away from the overgrowth behind her, pool that needs a good scrub and the two dogs. I've seen a larger image of this cover and also different angles that show the dog on the step looking at its tennis ball in the water. Is it symbolic of life and all its beauty and ugliness? No idea, but it keeps you looking at it for a while and also reminded me that I need to clean our pool. There is a nod to death metal bands, with the use of the text too. If you look at the image below, you'll see the album title written in the shape of a butterfly.

The first song, 'WISH ON AN EYELASH' leads you in slowly to the album and I mention this for a special reason. Would you believe, it happened to our son for the first time this morning! He walked out from his bedroom complaining about not being woken up in the morning. I noticed in his right eye that he had an eyelash about to cause him so havoc, so I helped him get it out. We put it on our finger and I explained to him that he needed to make a wish. He won the eyelash and blew his wish into existence. Hopefully he wished for something more than a Paw Patrol figurine.

The LP colour chosen for this pressing matches Mallrat's dress on the front cover and grabs your attention as it spins around. There is a lyric sheet included too and I think a hidden track from memory. Its an album about all kinds of love being lost and found, strong and weak. What are my favourite songs on the album? It's one best heard in its entirety, but if I had to choose, it would be 'TEETH', 'ROCKSTAR' and 'IM NOT MY BODY, IT'S MINE'. There are some very nostalgic shot music videos on you tube for these songs and my favourite is the one for 'TEETH', where she seduces an owner of a monster truck and then steals it. I'm trying to see if I can take our son to see the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks in the city next month. They have an early 1130am show and if I can get him some ear muffs, he should be fine.

I've noticed with the clarity of this pressing, that the louder I turn the volume dial, the more that we experience. Our daughter has just had a trip in the kitchen and is sitting with me listening. She is enjoying some snacks and soaking up the vocals and beats. Her favourite track so far was, 'SURPRISE ME' featuring Azealia Banks. I don't think she fully understands the feature lyrics, but she loves the beat and has a smile on her face again. We had our friends over yesterday who also have children around the same age. Shame it was cold weather but the kids had fun catching up, as always. Planning a trip at the end of next month to show them the snow and stay in a bed and breakfast together. To be honest, we are craving a bit of a holiday and to get to show the kids snow for the first time will be pretty cool. I've only seen it once when my good mate drove us out to Oberon, NSW.

This album will be hard to follow up, but Mallrat is a very talented Aussie artist and we have complete faith in her abilities. If you enjoyed this album, make sure that you add it to your collection. I was lucky enough to do a small write up about this album for Waxx Lyrical's 2022 best albums. Mallrat happened to like what I wrote and I will forever give praise where it is due. I'm going to make some personal goals in the coming weeks and try better myself - whether that is small or big, progress is what matters. Well our kids are dancing in the loungeroom with Night Kat Kiz currently and making some core memories happen. Make sure you enjoy the good times with your loved ones each and every week. I love watching our kids dance and laugh. Something that won't ever get old.

I forgot to mention that the last song listed, really stays with you after you listen to it. The song is a lullaby type tune and I bet that you'll find yourself singing it or humming it for the next few days.

Until our next Spin......

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