Spin #14 : Halestorm : Vicious

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members: Lzzy Hale (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer), Arejay Hale (Drums, Vocals), Joe Hottinger (Lead Guitar, vocals, synths) and Josh Smith (Bass Guitar, piano)

Halestorm : Vicious Year Released : 2018 Produced by Nick Raskulinecz Label: Atlantic Records Price Range: $50AUD+ Speed: 45 RPM Album Before : Into The Wild Life (2015) Album After : Back From The Dead (2022) out May 6th! Further Listening : Death By Rock And Roll - The Pretty Reckless LP : 2 x Black LP Mood for enjoying: Really strong vocals and catchy hooks make this one an easy pump up album! I've caught myself singing along to this one quite a bit whether its doing chores or getting some work done - very motivating album Track Listing:

LP1 Side A

Black Vultures - 4:10

Skulls - 3:19

Uncomfortable - 3:40

Buzz - 3:22

Side B Do Not Disturb - 3:23

Conflicted - 3:29

Killing Ourselves To Live - 4:00

Heart Of Novocaine - 3:33

Side C

Painkiller - 3:13

White Dress - 3:29

Vicious - 3:01

The Silence - 4:47

Side D

Now That You're Gone - 2:51

Nobody - 4:12

Golden - 4:13

Letters - 5:19

What's in the Sleeve ? 2 x LP Gatefold with lyrics written on the record sleeves in a sort of spiral that makes you keep rotating the insert as you follow along. Photos of the band on either side of the gatefold in black and white.

"Thank you for the pain, thank you for the hate, thank you for the way that you left me scarred. Thank you for the stain that you left on my brain. Now because of you I've got a heart of Novocaine" ~ Heart Of Novocaine - Side B

Welcome to Spin #14 - Halestorm : Vicious

Who out there is feeling Vicious? Well you don't have to be feeling angry or ready to attack in order to listen to our Spin #14 from Pennsylvania, United States - it's 'Vicious' by 'Halestorm'. Lots of love for this album in so many ways - vocals, lyrics, musicianship, production - it's awesome.

I went to see 'Halestorm' play live at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, back in December 2019. Wow! The acoustics in that place are great and 'Halestorm' clearly have a method that works for their live shows. The vocal range of Lzzy Hale absolutely destroyed my hearing for at least a week. I'm not mad at all because the concert was so memorable, just if I see them again I will be bringing ear plugs. Arejay Hale played the drums with oversized drumsticks and at first I thought there is no way he will be able to play anything with those things....how wrong I was. If you get a chance to see them play live, don't think, do!

For this set up I've used the Sherwood turntable with 4 x Sherwood bookshelf speakers spread across the length of our loungeroom. I've also used the headphones on this spin for some of the songs because it was getting too late in the night and our little ones were tucked up in bed. Our 3 year old loved hip moving and grooving to this one (of what he heard before bed).


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

I was so thankful to 'Popcultcha' in Geelong who were holding onto one copy of 'Vicious'. It's very difficult to get any 'Halestorm' records in Australia for some reason. Very popular and their passionate fanbase swarm all over anything released by Lzzy and the band. Check out their store here as they threw in a logo slipmat along with the record - thank you!

As I take the record out of the gatefold sleeve I notice the weight and quality of the product. I did the miss the fineprint on the sticker saying its a 45 rpm and first time playing through the headphones I got creeped out with Lzzy singing super slow motion, "Blaaaaaaaccccck Vuuuuuuuultures Ciiiircling theeeeee Skkkyy" at 33 1/3rpm. Of course it was late at night and dark too which didn't help. If you like to get extremely creeped out or play a trick on someone then you will need to try this.

This time, the first song is played at the correct speed of 45rpm and is called 'Black Vultures'. The distortion and fade in of Lzzy singing blends well with the clarity and heaviness of the drums and Bass coming through on this one. Lyrically this album has so many uplifting songs - "I've been a survivor since I began to crawl. I