Spin #15 : Arctic Monkeys : Favourite Worst Nightmare

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members : Alex Turner (Lead vocals, guitar,keyboard), Nick O'Malley (Bass guitar, backing vocals), Jamie Cook (guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Helders (drums, backing vocals)

Arctic Monkeys : Favourite Worst Nightmare Year Released : 2007 Produced by James Ford and Mike Crossey Label: Domino Recording Co Price Range: $50AUD+ Speed: 33 1/3 RPM Album Before : Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006) Album After : Humbug (2009) Further Listening : Konk - The Kooks LP : 1 x Black LP Mood for enjoying: This one has a lot of life and easily picks up your spirits with their clever lyrics and flawless production. If you enjoy singing along and not caring how you sound, then this is the album for you. Track Listing:

LP Side A

Brianstorm - 2:52

Teddy Picker - 2:40

D Is For Dangerous - 2:14

Balaclava - 2:47

Fluorescent Adolescent - 2:53

Only Ones Who Know - 3:01

Side B Do Me A Favour - 3:25

This House Is A Circus - 3:09

If You Were There, Beware - 4:34

The Bad Thing - 2:23

Old Yellow Bricks - 3:07

505 - 4:13

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x black heavyweight LP and download code. There is a booklet with an excerpt , and track listing/record information. The cover shows a building with graffiti artwork in the windows. Pretty minimal but doesn't take anything away from the overall product.

"Running off over next doors garden before the hour is done. It's more a question of feeling than it is a question of fun. The confidence is the balaclava, I'm sure you'll baffle 'em good. With the ending wreek of salty cheeks and runny makeup alone" ~ Balaclava - Side A

Welcome to Spin #15 - Arctic Monkeys : Favourite Worst Nightmare

Please make yourself comfortable for Spin #15 and take some much needed R'nR after another busy week. It's the boys from Sheffield this week and their second album 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'. The 'Arctic Monkeys' had just come off the success of having the fastest selling debut album in UK history with 'Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not'. Instead of taking some time and have some R'nR themselves, they put out the hugely successful second record the following year with hit after hit.

I hope that I get the opportunity to see the 'Arctic Monkeys' live and we just missed out seeing them whilst they were touring their 'Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino' album.

For this Spin I have chosen to listen in the front room on the Audio Technica turntable (LP60XBT) and the Marshall Woburn II speaker. As the weather starts to get a lot colder here on the East coast of Australia, I get to listen in our front sun room and soak up some much needed late afternoon sun. It is so relaxing and Night Kat and I have made a cuppa in our 'R'nR with Rylo' mugs as we are now ready to spin.


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

The tonearm moves across to the outer groove and drops the stylus on the first track from 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'. The sound of 'Brianstorm' comes blasting through with the distortion pedals and guitars of Turner and Cook. I've noticed that the bass is quite clear on this pressing by O'Malley, who plays for the first time on an 'Arctic Monkeys' record. Of course the ever reliable Helders on the kit provides another masterclass. At first glance you might think this song is called Brainstorm and that I have spelled the title incorrectly before but you would be wrong.

The story behind this one is about a fan of the band called Brian who managed to talk himself into getting backstage at a gig in Japan. The band were so haunted by this character that it inspired them to have brainstorm of ideas for the upcoming album. Therefore they had a Brian-storm. "'Cause we can't take our eyes off the t-shirt and ties combination? Well, see you later, innovator".

The song is a well moulded indie classic and was a big single from this album. It sets the tone of the album up by saying, "We are Arctic Monkeys and we are the biggest thing happening right now". On first listen I was instantly hooked by the music and the lyrics of Turner.

Speaking of lyrics about weird and wonderful characters, the second song on the album is the bass heavy jam, 'Teddy picker'. It gets it's inspiration from various people the band have met over the years that are quite odd. I found out that the title is referring to the claw machines that are used to collect teddy bears at places like 'Timezone' or arcades. The drum intro from Helders gets you in the groove before the rhythm /bass guitars pair well with Turners vocals. It is a slower track compared to the first song but has some very witty lyrics - "Let's have a game on the Teddy Picker, not quick enough, can I have it quicker? Already thick and you're getting thicker. Presuming that all things are equal. Who'd want to be men of the people...when there's people like you?".