Spin #19: Rob Zombie : Hellbilly Deluxe

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members : Rob Zombie (Vocals), Mike Riggs (Guitars), Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson (Bass), John Tempesta (Drums) (additional musicians were used but these are the core band)

Rob Zombie : Hellbilly Deluxe Year Released : 1998 Produced by Rob Zombie and Scott Humphrey Label: Geffen Price Range: $50AUD+ Speed: 33 1/3 RPM Album Before : N/A - This is the debut album Album After : The Sinister Urge (2001) Further Listening :Mudvayne - L.D. 50 LP : 1 x Black LP Mood for enjoying: Good one to spin when you need to blow off some steam, go for a run and mosh in your loungeroom! It has some really tense moments that create a monster themed atmosphere well as it transports you into the world of Zombie. Track Listing:

LP Side A

Call Of The Zombie - 0:30

Superbeast - 3:40

Dragula - 3:43

Living Dead Girl - 3:21

Perversion 99 - 1:44

Demonoid Phenomenon - 3:39

Side B Spookshow Baby - 3:39

How To Make A Monster - 1:38

Meet The Creeper - 3:13

The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore - 3:56

What Lurks On Channel X? - 2:30

Return Of The Phantom Stranger - 4:32

The Beginning Of The End - 1:52

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x Black LP in a gatefold cover with insert. There are some really cool graphic novel style art on the inside of the gatefold and on the insert. Also the label on Side A on the record is worth checking out (see in photos below). Sadly there seems to be only a sprinkling of lyrics here and there for certain songs.

" The ragged they come and the ragged they kill! Down in the cool air I can see" ~ Superbeast - Side A

Welcome to Spin #19 - Rob Zombie : Hellbilly Deluxe

I was holding off on this one until Halloween but had the itch of spinning this now. It was late at night and I was sitting watching some horror movies out in the loungeroom when I decided to write this weeks Spin. Because I was pumped up from the horror, I just thought of the first album that came to mind. That was without a doubt this classic album, 'Hellbilly Deluxe' by Rob Zombie. I know that there will be a lot of people who don't like this one and think it's a strange progression after having 'Curtis Harding', 'Mavis Staples' and 'Nothing But Thieves' in recent weeks. Like I said previously, here at R'nR with Rylo there are going to be some weeks that the choices won't be your thing and that's ok. My goal is to broaden your mind and introduce you to a different experience each and every Sunday.

For this listen I have continued using the Sennheiser headphones, so I can play this loud and really feel the eeriness. If this is the first time you are reading our Spin then you might not know that we have a loungeroom set up and a front room set up that we alternate between. We usually choose the set-up depending on the time of day or if our little ones are sleeping or playing. Let me know in the comments or on our socials if you are a Zombie fan and let's bring on the Spookshow Baby!


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

As I am getting the LP out of the cover and placing it on the turntable, I am trying to recall the first time I was introduced to Rob Zombie. It would have to be whilst watching the horror themed comedy, Idle Hands with Jessica Alba, Devon Sawa, Seth Green etc. from the early 2000's. I remember seeing the music video of 'Dragula' on the television whilst Sawa's character, Anton was smoking oregano through his inhaler. I remember how powerful that song was and I have my sister to thank again for watching that one with me. We promised each other that we wouldn't write above each others beds, "I'm Under The Bed" in glow-in-the dark ink. (Make sure to watch this movie as it's awesome).

I drop the stylus on 'Hellbilly Deluxe', the first noise heard is the introduction of 'Call Of The Zombie'. Oooooooo it is a really freaky intro to bring in the listener to the world of Zombie's - 13 Tales of Cadaverous Cavorting inside the Spookshow International (entire title of this album). Not a pleasant listen, being alone in the loungeroom in a quiet house, because they have succeeded in creating a horror experience. If horror movies had no score or music behind them then they wouldn't be as scary, as it's the sounds that really get your blood pumping. This album is like listening to a horror movie without the visuals. Luckily, I don't have a big window that I'm looking out of with a full moon shining through because I'd probably have to end the Spin right then and there. 'Call Of The Zombie' ends and instantly draws you into the start of the first actual song on the album.

I forgot just how many hits this album has on it until I looked at the track listing again. 'Superbeast' comes through the headphones with its identifiable distortion. I make sure I increase the bass volume on this one as the left ear gets the sound briefly before Zombie's vocals come in. He has such a distinct sound and stage persona that just works. I like the pace of this one and the use of the stereo (left, right, left, right). They have crafted a very catchy song that is easy for the masses in the mosh to get pumped up and yell out. It feels like a very polished product by using more electronic sounds and samples throughout. 'Superbeast' is one of those songs that you won't forget anytime soon. "Shriek the lips across ragged tongue, convulsing together. Sing violently, move the jaw, cry aloud. Bound up the dead triumphantly". The song ends with a merge into the bigger hit on this album, which depends on who is reviewing I guess. If you weren't paying attention