Spin #3 : Eagles : Self-Titled Album

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members on record :

Don Henley (Drums / Vocals), Glenn Frey (Vocals / Guitars), Bernie Leadon (Vocals / Guitars) and Randy Meisner (Bass / Vocals)

Eagles : Self - Titled

Year Released : 2014 (original released in 1972) Celebrating 50 years this year

Produced by Glyn Johns

Label: Asylum

Price Range: $30 - $40 AUD

Speed: 33 1/3RPM

Album Before : N/A (First record for Eagles)

Album After : Desperado

Further Listening : Jackson Browne : Running on Empty

LP : 180 Gram, Black vinyl

Mood for enjoying: This one can be enjoyed in a lot of different moods due to the up-beat songs and slower ballad numbers. It can make you feel melancholy at times during songs like 'Most Of Us Are Sad'. They've done well to have a balance of emotions across the record but for me sitting by the pool side on a muggy day felt about right.

Track Listing: LP:

Side A Take It Easy - 3:29

Witchy Woman - 4:10

Chug All Night - 3:13

Most Of Us Are Sad - 3:33

Nightingale- 3:33

Side B

Train Leaves Here This Morning - 4:07

Take The Devil - 4:00

Earlybird - 3:00

Peaceful Easy Feeling - 4:16

Tryin' - 2:50

What's in the Sleeve ? The album has been reissued the way that the band originally intended with the gatefold that folds out into a poster. This version allows the gatefold to fold out but original version was glued by Geffen records which made the band appear upside down on the inside of the record. The band have confirmed they were smoking peyote at the time the photographs were taken. Record comes in a paper/poly slip in one side and an empty record sleeve in the other side. The photo and red text make it problematic and confusing on the eyes. Extremely difficult to read and bad decision. Luckily its only the track list and band details and not lyrics to the songs.

"Open up your eyes, Take the devil from your mind. He's been holding on to you, And you're so hard to find ~ Take The Devil - Side B

Welcome to Spin #3 - Eagles : Self-Titled Album I chose this record as the third Spin because I honestly have not given enough time listening to such a great band. Also being the 50th anniversary of their debut self-titled album feels like a pretty good reason. Ok, so I know the Eagles and like what I've heard of their catalogue but I would be more familiar with 'Hotel California' and 'One Of These Nights' more than this record.

For the review I used the set up in our Entertaining Area outside due to working at the time and ease of stopping when I received dreaded work calls. The fully automated table (Audio Technica BT turntable) provides that perk of auto lift and auto drop. The Marshall Woburn II is a great speaker and I'd consider getting a second one down the track as you can control them as a Left and Right set up via the Marshall App. For now, listening to the Eagles through the one large speaker is good enough.


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

The only story I know of the Eagles - just as the stylus is working its way into the first song - is the one remembered best by Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. The Eagles left so much cocaine in the mixing board of the studio during recording of their albums that before Sabbath could finish recording their album, they had to scrape out all the white powder. Who would have thought that Sabbath would be the ones complaining about that!

Our daughter is sitting in her little rocker chair eagerly awaiting the first track and it doesn't disappoint. The track ' Take It Easy' seems like the single the band or producer would have chosen as the standout track to promote. I've heard it many times before but listening to it through the outside set-up for the first time is enjoyable. I forgot how incredibly well pressed this 2014 version by Asylum records was. The track has an infectious u