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Spin #31 : Stonefield : Far From Earth

Musicians on Album: Amy Cavanagh [Findlay] (vocals, drums), Sarah Findlay (vocals, keyboards), Hannah Findlay (guitar), Holly Findlay (bass guitar)

Stonefield : Far From Earth Year Released : 2018 Produced by Stephen McBean Label: Flightless Records Price Range: $50+AUD Speed: 33 1/3 RPM Album Before : As Above, So Below (2016) Album After : Bent (2019) Further Listening : Black Sabbath - Sabotage (1975) LP : 1 x Bone coloured LP Mood for enjoying: Doom metal sounds that really chill you out and make you tap along. Good mix of heavy/chill. Track Listing:

LP Side A

Delusion - 4:35

Far From Earth - 3:40

In The Eve - 3:56

Visions - 3:30

Together - 3:06

Side B Broken Stone - 5:48

Through The Storm - 4:20

In My Head - 3:35

Sleepyhead - 3:56

Celestial Spaces - 3:24

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x LP - Bone coloured in a paper sleeve with lyrics and photos of the band. Record jacket has a circular cut out and embossed letters for band name and track listing on back.

"Take another trip to see what the day will bring. In the eve you'll open up to what the world can be" ~ In The Eve - Side A

Welcome to Spin #31 - Stonefield - Far From Earth

Welcome to our 31st Spin at R'nR With Rylo! I hope that you have all been well and are now finding some time to relax on this Sunday afternoon. This week I have picked the album, 'Far From Earth' by Aussie sisters Stonefield.

For this Spin I have used our set up in the loungeroom (Sherwood Turntable PM-9805 and Sherwood Receiver RX-4508). The 4 x Sherwood bookshelf speakers provide a decent range of sound without needing bass heavy speakers. Although I wouldn't say no to a bigger set up, this is perfect right now. Sitting here with my family and getting to experience Stonefield together.


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

Another week has flown by and it's amazing to see our daughter and son grow up so much since the start of R'nR with Rylo. Our daughter is so confident now and has her little personality shining through (even at the age of one). They really do brighten up our lives each and every day. A staple here at R'nR is spinning lots and lots of music from all different genres. This Sunday afternoon I thought that I would share with you this amazing Aussie band that I stumbled upon back in 2016, Stonefield. What makes this album even more intriguing is the fact the the four band members are all sisters and think that is the coolest thing. They all grew up with similar tastes in music (From Led Zeppelin to Jimi Hendrix etc) and have really come into their own on this album.

If you are a fan of Black Sabbath and slower Doom/Stoner sounding guitars then put your feet up and come along on this journey. Also, the fact that the lead vocalist is also the drummer gets a giant green tick from me. As I put the record on the turntable there is a nice feature to the record sleeve that I haven't come across in my collection yet. The people over at Flightless Records have cut out the oval shape on the record cover where it shows the girls (printed on the inner cover). There is also raised lettering on the front and back of the cover that shows the band and label have really taken the time to release a quality all round product. I remember hunting for this record across a few stores before finding it because the only copies I could find had damaged corners (shipping to stores or careless diggers dropping them). The colour of the record is a nice cream/bone colour and the dark green really makes this stand out on the platter.

The first song that comes through the speakers is the sludge driven sounds of 'Delusion'. I instantly had to stop and look up who this was when I first heard this song on the radio. The riff throughout the song combined with the vocals just goes together so well and creates such an ominous sound. It's easy to hear their influences like Black Sabbath, but at the same time they are unique. I really enjoyed this song as the lead off track on the record and the lyrics, "I'm a tear drop in the ocean, fall for a moment, it stopped hurting, cry". Some moments make me think of early Deep Purple with Lord on the keyboards but we have Sarah commanding the keys here. The pressing by Flightless Records is a thing of beauty, so crisp and clear as it comes through the speakers. This band has so much bass coming through the speakers too.

Before we know it the dead wax has disappeared and the second track, 'Far From Earth' is coming through the speakers. I really like the vocals and chord progression on this song that make it a standout track for me. Obviously they felt it was a strong song because they named the album 'Far From Earth'. Guitar work on this sounds middle eastern in some respects and metal at the same time. If you haven't heard King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's album 'Flying Microtonal Banana' then I suggest you check it out after you have finished reading our Spin. You won't be disappointed. This record is a nod to the 70's and after this one, I will be going through all my records from that era.

I think the third track on Side A, 'In The Eve', is slowly becoming my favourite track. Each time I listen to 'In The Eve' I find myself wanting to spin it again straight away. I like how the vocals take over the start of this song, different to the start of this record which is driven by the riff rather than singing. There is a strong moment where the music stops before the drum beat and vocals come back in prior to the chorus. Not sure if it is Amy or Sarah singing as they have both been listed as vocalists but always impressed with drummers who sing too. The build up on this song is just wow!

"I'm alive in a day dream, Come to me, whisper softly. Coloured dreams dancing slowly. In my mind we live free". If you haven't felt the urge to shake your hips or tap your feet then you will be helpless to Stonefield's next song called 'Visions'. There is so much to like on this album that will have you taking this one out of the record sleeve again and again to spin. Go out and buy yourself a copy right now, I dare you! The beat sinks its hooks into you and the bassline on this one by Holly is a standout across the track. Click here to check out the music video.

The last song on Side A is called 'Together'. I don't like saying this because I really like this album but compared to the start of the album, I'd say this is the track the girls catch their breath. Probably weakest song on the Side because the others are just so strong. I like the slowness of this one to close out the side. Have you enjoyed what you have listened to so far? As the record starts playing the dead wax, I stand up and lift the stylus and flip the LP over to Side B. Our children are laughing and playing with all their toys as they listen along. The sun is going down outside but it has been a good day. There is a Mediterranean/middle eastern haunting sounds kick of Side B of 'Far From Earth'. This song is called 'Broken Stone' and could have been the introduction song for the album due to the slow build up. I like the guitar work by Hannah on this one. The Findlay sisters have chosen the tracklisting superbly and so many times bands will make their albums top heavy. By this I mean that bands or labels will put all the best songs at the start of the album and it can become difficult to get through the filler. One example might be Slipknot's self titled debut. Tell me an album that has a better set of five songs to kick it off in the comments below. Unfortunately that record seems to struggle towards the end. Good news for Stonefield is that 'Far From Earth' is not one of those albums. "Sped off down a gravel road, dust clouds hiding all I know. Time will heal the heartache of the soul".

'Through The Storm' gets back on the stoner/doom metal wagon with such force that you forget this band is current and not from the 70's. The bassline is king here and would be an awesome track to hear live. There is a softer moment before the song lifts again. "I see it now, the sky is clear. Hold myself, keep me from walking". There is a big finish that reminds me of something from a Ghost album. This song makes you groove around the 3 minute mark and the distinct sound of the guitar and keyboard is so clear. The stylus has not skipped a beat on this one and the next track coming through the speakers is 'In My Head'.

Just as you might have wanted to grab a cuppa or a drink of some kind, the sounds of 'In My Head' comes blaring through the speakers. The singing is layered a bit louder than the instruments on this track and it seems to work well. A bit of rock n roll/metal feeling to this track. Would be good to see Stonefield cover some Sabbath or Zeppelin songs. The ending makes me think of a Hendrix album in a way too.

Second last song on Side B is 'Sleepyhead'. Lately Night Kat Kiz and I have been craving a bit more sleep due to the hustle and bustle of life with children, but we wouldn't change it for the world. This track slows the pace down a lot compared to the previous couple of songs. 'Sleepyhead' has a softer feel to it that does make you feel really really relaxed as you listen. Perfect for what we are trying to achieve here at R'nR With Rylo. Holly kills it on the solo here and when the instruments all stop, the vocals are so hauntingly good. (Still not sure if Sarah or Amy sadly - maybe Stonefield can comment below or on our socials to clarify for us).

Final song on this standout record is called 'Celestial Spaces'. I love the start of this one as it really feels like a U.F.O is landing in the paddock in front of you. Close your eyes as you listen along to this one. I missed out a couple of years ago seeing them play as I wasn't quick enough to get tickets. They had been opening for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard who is another band that I have to see. 'Celestial Spaces' sort of ties up the whole album with an upbeat feeling instrumental. The Findlay sisters are just showing off their talent on this one and who doesn't enjoy an instrumental jam. Stevie Ray Vaughan would be so proud of them.

We hope that you enjoyed our 31st Spin - Stonefield - 'Far From Earth' this week and felt yourself starting to get rid of those stresses and worries on your mind. I know that when we do get the time to Spin a record, it instantly makes us happy. I love that our son points to the hutch/unit and says "Daddy, music". Thanks for supporting us here at R'nR each week and hope that you get some enjoyment from reading along. Don't forget to get involved in our MWSP guessing each Wednesday at 4:50PM and let us know what you are spinning on Friday nights.

Until our next Spin, be Kind to people who are Far From Earth and be Kind to your Wax!

Hannah (Guitar), Amy (Drums/vocals), Holly (Bass) and Sarah (Keyboard/vocals)


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