Spin #4 : Lionel Richie: Can't Slow Down

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members on record : Lionel Richie (Vocals/arrangements) and a large list of musicians (too many to list)

Lionel Richie : Can't Slow Down

Year Released : 1983

Produced by Lionel Richie, James Anthony Carmichael and David Foster

Label: Motown

Price Range: $15-40

Speed: 33 1/3RPM

Album Before : Lionel Richie (Self-Titled)

Album After : Dancing on the Ceiling

Further Listening : Rick James - Street Songs

LP : 1 x Black LP either 180 or 140gm

Mood for enjoying: If you start this record as the sun is setting then you will have a couple of faster paced dance numbers to kick off the party. It quickly turns to some soulful numbers of a slower pace which are better heard around a small wood fire with the summer night bugs chirping and looking up at the stars. Lots of songs to sing along to with the included lyric sheet.

Track Listing: LP

Side A Can't Slow Down - 4:42

All Night Long (All Night) - 6:18

Penny Lover - 5:28

Stuck On You - 3:06

Side B

Love Will Find A Way - 6:10

The Only One - 4:15

Running With The Night - 5:58

Hello - 4:07

What's in the Sleeve ? The record is within a poly bag slip and there is a lyric sheet printed on card. I will include a photo of the gatefold underneath the review as it's quite possibly the best gatefold image in my collection. Instantly makes me laugh and smile everytime. Not too sure if this is 180gm LP or 140gm and couldn't locate it etched or written on the record or sleeve.

"I see the tears you cry, I see the pain that's in your eyes. So many times you were so lonely, and no one seemed to care. But if your hopes, for your tomorrows. Are drowning in your sorrows, know your heart will show you the way" ~ Love Will Find A Way - Side B

Welcome to Spin #4 - Lionel Richie : Can't Slow Down I chose this record for our 4th Spin because I feel its a great record that mimics my attitude with reviewing - in that we 'Can't Slow Down' now.

For the review I used the set up in our Entertainment Area in the back room with the Marshall Woburn II speaker and the Audio Technica full automatic turntable with Bluetooth.


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

Welcome to our Spin #4 here at R'NR with Rylo! For this one we gave the second album by Lionel Richie, 'Can't Slow Down' a go. I was looking at our collection and saw the title and the similarities, because we are building a music community and we don't want to slow down anytime soon.

I remember where I purchased this record from and who was with me. I feel like I can remember where I purchase every record or remember the story of how I got all of the records in our collection. Does that happen to you with your collection? Some records take on more meaning than others? Well I was exploring a local record store in my old hometown of Thirroul, NSW called Frank's Wild Years. If you are ever down the South Coast in NSW you need to check out what they have to offer (live acts, cocktails and inviting owner who passionately loves what she does).

I was flippin' through the wax instore and pointed out this record to my mother because of the cover. It wasn't until we took this record up to the front to pay that the owner showed us the inner photo across the gatefold. Wow. I would have purchased it for that image of Richie alone because it just made everyone laugh. I walked away with the 1983 original press in good condition with a few signs of wear by previous owners due to just how good this album is. Ple