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Spin #40 : Lisa Mitchell : Warriors

Musicians on Album: Lisa Mitchell (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Eric J. Dubowsky (bass guitar, drums/percussion, keyboards, synth), Tim Harvey (bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Zac Rae (keyboards and synths), Daisy Tulley (violin)

Lisa Mitchell : Warriors Year Released : 2016 Produced by Eric J Dubowsky Label: Warner Music Australia Price Range: $60AUD+ Speed: 33 1/3RPM Album Before : Bless This Mess (2012) Album After : A Place to Fall Apart (2022) Further Listening : Matter of Time - Meg Mac (2022) LP : 1 x LP Mood for enjoying: A very chilled album that provides a lot of time to reflect on important things happening in your life.

Track Listing:

LP Side A -

The Boys - 4:25

Warriors - 3:27

Warhol - 3:40

Unravelling - 3:20

So Wild - 3:59

Side B -

I Remember Love - 3:50

What is Love - 5:11

Where You Are - 3:38

Josephine - 4:00

Love, Death X - 4:45

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x clear LP with inner sleeve and lyrics

Favourite Lyrics from the Album

"Oh, in the dark and in the light, our hearts run wild and far away. I saw the shadows in the water under perfect skies, When I heard you sing the devil her lullabies" ~ Warhol -Side A

Welcome to Spin #40 - Lisa Mitchell - Warriors

I'm really excited about this weeks spin and if you haven't heard of this artist before, please do yourself a big favour and check out her other albums and EP's. This week we are spinning 'Warriors' by Lisa Mitchell for our 40th Spin! English born but has lived in Australia since the young age of 3, Mitchell has crafted an impressive catalogue of work at such a young age. If you want a record that is full of life and calming at the same time then come along with us as we put her record, 'Warriors' on the turntable.

This week I have chosen to spin the record on our Audiotechnica (AT-LP60XBT) turntable and Marshall Woburn II speaker in the sunny front room. Well, it has been more muggy and wet than nice and sunny to be honest with you. But that is alright because our little ones are growing up so fast. As we are getting ready to play this one, our daughter is sitting on the ottoman next to me bopping about. She has placed her hand on mine and smiling up at me. I think she is an excited little 1 year old and looking forward to this record.

Our son had some funny sayings this week - as we were putting him into the car before heading out, he said "I'm the King of the Dinosaurs". I laughed because he said it with such assuredness. Then he put his paw patrol watch on and said, "Dad, you don't got the watch. I've got the watch", making me feel as though I wasn't cool enough to be in his watch gang. I have to write these things down otherwise they become lost and I don't want to ever forget these moments.

Lisa Mitchell


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

I can't exactly remember the year, maybe it was 2006, when I got to see Lisa Mitchell perform live at Wollongong University (Uni Bar). My sister really wanted to check out Ben Lee, who was incredible live and even handed me his guitar pick at the end of the show. The support artists were Wons Phreely (I hope that is the correct spelling - he was awesome too, signed cd inner section and thanked us for supporting him) and of course, Lisa Mitchell. I remember seeing her up onstage with so much confidence for such a young age. She must have been 17 or 18 years old. I'd like to go see her perform now with all the other records she has under her belt.

The LP of 'Warriors' has been placed on the turntable and as I press the start button on the unit, the stylus starts to slowly move across to the outer grooves before gently dropping down. The pop comes through the Marshall Woburn II speaker and the first track, 'The Boys' starts to play. This one was released as a single 5th of August 2016 and is one of two singles from the album. Upon first listen I can close my eyes and see the imagery that this song creates, "The wind blows my hair across my face. There's a kid on his skateboard in the Manly sun.

We're driving down the avenue, Past all the big houses and there's something about these streets. And the way you wear your heart on your sleeve and down below, I see the aquamarine". I haven't heard a lot of her new album but before listening to 'Warriors', I really enjoyed her voice and feeling put within each song. This track is slightly different to what I was expecting when I first spun the record, but loved it nonetheless.

Watching the stylus move across the grooves and now have the sound of the title track, 'Warriors' beginning to play. Significantly softer and more moody approach to the sound on this track. Almost haunting at points and I like the pulsing sounds throughout, reminds me a lot of the ambience that Australian duo, No Mono create. Thanks to my good friend Dr Jazz for getting me onto that band too. I know that Tom Snowden is playing in my childhood town in December and I recommend you catch No Mono or Big Scary if you can. The most enjoyable lyrics on this track would be when Mitchell is singing about Daniel Johns, "It was a Friday, there was that buzz on the bus of freedom, and teenage love

I heard the bass drop, but I couldn't hear a thing, "Hey Ken, can you turn it up!"

Still, all the kids screamed, and fields rolled by but Daniel Johns walked in a very straight line. I heard the radio magic comin' down like a life line...". I can see why this was picked as the title track.

'Warhol' comes through next on Side A and instantly feels like this one would be the second single to be released from the album. I'm getting a very Sudan Archives feeling when it first starts to play. I love the moment where Mitchell sings and stretches out "Warrrr-hoo-ol". It is also the song that has my favourite lyrics when the chorus starts, "Oh, in the dark and in the light, Our hearts run wild and far away. I saw the shadows in the water under perfect skies. When I heard you sing the devil her lullabies". There is something very grounding about this one and I particularly enjoy the guitar work on this track.

The ending of 'Warhol' rolls nicely into the upbeat and happy sounding notes of 'Unravelling'. It is a happy sounding song with very angelic sounding vocals but if you read along with the lyrics you will know that it isn't such a happy song. Someone going through a tough time is never good to see and this song is about change and watching from a distance as someone comes apart. Remember if you are doing it tough out there, make sure you talk to someone as it really does help.

The darker sounds and sombre track of 'So Wild' now comes through the speaker and I wish I could hear this one played live. I like the sound of the drums on this track and feel that Mitchell really paints a picture in her storytelling that takes you on a ride. I like this track a lot and before I know it, the end of Side A is heard as the stylus hits the dead wax. If you haven't already, go and get yourself a nice cuppa and then get comfy for the start of Side B. There is something about flipping an LP and the physical touch of a record that will never be lost on me. I do really thank my mum for getting me into records.

Side B starts with the slightly more upbeat track of 'I Remember Love'. This track feels like it is building you up for something that is coming later in the record. I think as I grow older, I am connecting with music a lot more and linking it to different moments in my life. This track just makes me ponder a lot of things while I listen to it. Before getting too melancholy whilst listening along, I look at my wife and I'm thankful for her love and support.

The next song, 'What is Love' is exactly what I felt Side B was building up to. It is acoustic, has angelic vocals and is passionate. Probably the second favourite lyrics from the album are, "Burn your candles bright. There's a darkness in this night and maybe I'm just tired of walking alone". I will be spinning this album again soon, lovely sounding and relaxing all the way through. Mitchell has built upon her strong discography with this album. I am trying to think of who else she sounds like on this track, but I can't put my finger on it.

'Where You Are' is probably the saddest sounding track and most uplifting at the same time on Side B. Do yourself a big favour and close your eyes on this song, focus on your breathing and soak it in. "Where you are is where I am. Oh, you know where to find me. Wherever you fall, you're already home". The stylus moves slowly across the dead wax and has me thinking about the piano keys and isolated vocals that finishes 'Where You Are'.

A track about 'Josephine' comes through the speaker next and just adds to the strength of Side B. If you are looking for heart pulling ballads, then I think Side B has won it. Our children have been playing a lot more together recently and because our little girl is walking around more and more now, she is getting more involved. Climbing on everything, smiling her head off and learning from her older brother (good and bad things). A song like this with the slow harmonies and guitar work makes me appreciate those moments. Song could be used as a slow dance number at a wedding too. Especially if your name happens to be 'Josephine'

The last track on 'Warriors' is called 'Love, Death X' and you first hear the slow strumming of the acoustic guitar before the haunting sounds of Mitchell come through telling you, "do not be afraid". Very sad song here and one that hits hard as it is a song about saying goodbye and being content. Take a moment after this one guys, especially if it hits hard for you too.

Hopefully you feel a little bit more relaxed after listening and reading along to 'Warriors' by Lisa Mitchell. Thanks for taking the time out on your Sunday afternoon to celebrate our 40th Spin too. We had a few setbacks recently and trying to juggle all the madness whilst still enjoying our musical journey, one record at a time. I counted, approximately, we could keep doing R'nR with Rylo for the next decade or so if we wanted to. As always, get involved on our social pages and our MWSP, which is released each and every Wednesday. Sometimes we have to pause and take a moment each week to remind ourselves that we are doing ok. I hope you are too. Next week we have an absolute mosh banger full of energy that I hope you will come back and listen/read.

Until our next Spin, be Kind to people who enjoy folk festivals and be Kind to your Wax!

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