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Spin #41 :Limp Bizkit : Significant Other


Oooooo this one takes me back to my childhood and I can already hear the sweet, sweet sounds of this '90's classic. Get yourself a comfy chair and maybe be prepared to get up and mosh in your very own loungeroom, because this week we are spinning, 'Significant Other' from Limp Bizkit. I have to say that this album is an absolute favourite here at R'nR With Rylo and we are so excited to invite you along this week. I couldn't contain myself and felt I had to give you an extra day guessing by releasing the clues early. Last weekend we celebrated our little boys 4th birthday and threw him a small party in our backyard. He has such a good time and by the end of the weekend, I think we were all partied out. I can see that he really is paying attention to all that surrounds him and he loves spinning records too.

Our 41st Spin will be played on our Sherwood Turntable (PM-9805) and Sherwood Receiver (RX-4508), complete with 4 x Sherwood Bookshelf speakers spaced evenly across our loungeroom.

John Otto, Sam Rivers, DJ Lethal, Fred Durst and Wes Borland


Lets get straight into this one and because I am so eager to play it, I've already placed LP1 on the platter and dropped the stylus in the grooves of 'Significant Other'. The first track is the 'Intro', which brings you up to speed quickly with the building energy, heavy bass and deep voice - "You wanted the worst, You got the worst. The one, the only, Limp Bizkit". I can picture myself as a 10 year old placing this CD in the portable player in my childhood bedroom, sitting there listening to this one. I can also picture Fred Durst gearing up for the next track, with his iconic red baseball hat turned backwards.

'Just Like This' kicks off with Durst telling everyone to get up whilst Otto is smashing the drum kit up a storm. I can't imagine this track without the samples and deck work of DJ Lethal as it makes this song stand out with the chorus. Borland on guitar and Rivers on bass really bring this song to life and it is so catchy to sing a long with. I do relate to the following lyrics sung by Durst, "Music is key, It's the way we're set free, from all this world is throwing at me". Now that I am listening to this track as a 33 year old man, I really get more out of it and it makes me want to learn some of Otto's beats. The stylus continues on and moves into the instantly recognisable sounds of 'Nookie'.

Obviously, a 10 year old Rylo didn't know what the hell 'Nookie' was when listening back in 1999. But I guess it didn't really matter because this song is such a winner. If you like this then you will need to check out some of their latest albums , Gold Cobra and Still Sucks. Now if you don't know what 'Nookie' is now, it is sex. Now go back and listen to this song and it will all make sense. I enjoy the flow of these first couple of songs on Side A and actually it is very hard to top as I look through the tracklisting. There are a couple of hidden tracks or interludes on this album and it really was designed as a longplay. Between 'Nookie' and the next track 'Break Stuff', there are the sounds of Limp Bizkit breaking some stuff in preparation.

Slowly coming through the speakers is the next track, 'Break Stuff'. This one is such a BIG song, that is so memorable and I've used this one as a psych up song many times. I remember the film clip for this one as if it was yesterday and if you haven't seen it, check it out here. Basically it shows a bunch of people at an indoor skate park taking turns at singing 'Break Stuff'. It even has some other musicians giving it a go. The bass levels and production on this first repress since the original release are on point and have our children jumping around the room. I remember seeing Limp Bizkit in concert few years back at the Hordern Pavilion and when 'Break Stuff' was played live, it went OFF! Some drunk guy ran backwards through the mosh at the exact moment Durst is singing, "and if my day keeps going this way, I just might, Break your fucking face tonight. Give me something to break, just give me something to break". His sweat drenched hair somehow made its way into Night Kat Kiz's mouth and I managed to bear hug him around his shoulders before he got away. I held him at an awkward angle and gave him the, YOUR DEAD TO ME LOOK. All he could do was look up at me saying, "Sorry sorry sorry", forever linking that moment to this track now. Time now to lift the stylus and flip the LP over for Side B.

I place the stylus onto the grooves of Side B to hear another single that was released from the album called 'Re-Arranged'. Probably wasn't one of my favourites as a 10 year old because of how amped up the other tracks were before this but listening to it now as an adult, I really enjoy the pace. I remember at the time I could play my music in the car on trips with Dad but made sure it didn't have any swearing. I had to tick a few boxes to get him to listen to it and I think the drumming and bassline throughout won him over in the end. When Dad asked what other songs do Limp Bizkit sing, I had to just keep playing this track. DJ Lethal scratching "Thi-Thi-Think about it, Think, Think About it" and the slow build up towards the crescendo, "You think that everybody's the same, I don't think that anybody is like you" really made this a huge single.

Heavy riffing starts off track , 'I'm Broke' and hearing it again reminds me how much life I have experienced since the release of this album. Last night NKK and I were listening to some albums and when I had a few of the groove metal playing, our daughter woke up all smiles. She was sitting there headbanging and laughing which was super cute.

'Nobody Like You' is a collaboration with Korn frontman, Jonathon Davis. They were probably in the top 5 bands of 1999 and to have them sing on a song together was pretty cool at the time. I remember my childhood friend Blake loving Korn and I loved Limp Bizkit, so between us we made sure we bought the latest album and showed eachother. Almost trying to convince the other that one band was better than the other. As 'Nobody Like You' winds up, the stylus moves across the dead wax and signals the end of LP1. Time to take a break, drink some water after the energy release and put LP2 on the turntable.

The haunting sounds of 'Don't Go Off Wandering' always caught my attention and the start of Side C on wax doesn't disappoint. The vocals used by Durst on this one really take me back to their earlier release of 'Three Dollar Bill Y'all" days. Maybe this track was an offcut or unfinished one that was too good to pass up on 'Significant Other'. A lot of feeling behind these vocals and I really like the guitar work of Borland on this one.

Otto might have been in a drumline at high school because the intro to '9 Teen 90 Nine' has him showing off. Typical style of the "Peaks and Valleys" method. Basically, pace yourself with a Limp Bizkit song as there will be rest moments and high energy moments. Durst casually singing, "No use in dreading what they call Armageddon, I think we made it through the slump. But who really cares where we're heading? 'Cause now you motherfuckers got a reason to jump". Horror movie sounding ending and would sound awesome through headphones. The 'peak' comes next in the form of Durst exploding, "You wanna be down with the G-shock, fuck the glam rock, assed out like Ken Shamrock. MC's detest me, wanna chest to chest me? But I ain't all about that".

'N 2 Gether Now' is another collaborated effort and this time features Wu-Tang Clan's, Method Man. It has a constant beat laid out by DJ Lethal and Otto makes sure to keep things ticking over. Released as a single from the album and completely different from the Nu-metal sound the band are known for.

Last song on Side C before we flip the LP is called 'Trust?'. Basically Durst is telling you that some people are genuine and some are fake. Make sure you are able to tell who your true friends are in life and you will be fine. Almost chose these lyrics as my favourite - "Maybe Freddy Krueger will step into you dream and burn you like a demon and leave your ass screaming. To be exact, I wanted to react, mission of attack, your head was getting cracked. But you're a human being, that's lucky to be breathing and that's that, that's that". Time to lift the stylus and flip the LP over for Side D.

As the stylus gently moves into the grooves, the track 'No Sex' comes through the speakers. Another collaborated effort, this time with lead singer of a band called Staind's Aaron Lewis. I didn't know until spinning it for you this fine Sunday but Durst actually discovered that band - Check out their song - Epiphany here. I like this song now a lot more than I did back in the day.

'Show Me What You Got' is an anthemic style track that counts you in slow to the millennium. Can everyone remember where they were when the Y2K bug was going to cripple the world and technology was going back to the dark ages. I can, I was at home at my parents place with a few cousins, aunties and uncles over celebrating. I think we drank so much soft drink and ate too many lollies that I had to have a nap before midnight. Durst is in some fine form vocally on this one and I do find myself remembering the lyrics easily. When he sings, "Now I just want somebody, anybody, everybody, to get the fuck up!".

The pre-outro song, 'A Lesson Learned' comes through next and really brings you back down to earth. It is a very grounding song and one to probably have your eyes closed as you listen along. Our son is doing the complete opposite at the moment because he is practicing his head, shoulders, knees and toes song at the speed of light. Durst finishes this track without any music backing him, "I know more people than ever before, one lesson I've learned from it all. Fortune and fame are disguised as your friend, 'Cause I'm lonelier now than I've ever been".

The record ends with 'Outro', that builds on the same style this album began with. I like when the distorted and deep voice says, "You wanted the best?, then don't get the fucking Backstreet Boys CD! 'Cause in this house, it's Limp motherfucking Bizkit. Balls made of steel, balls made of steel, but don't kick me in the nuts though". The stylus comes to an end and I'm sad because the record does not have the hidden tracks/skits after the outro like the CD does. Although not really missing much, it's a shame they couldn't manage to fit it on the record seeing as they released a double LP.

As we approach the festive season, make sure you take a moment for yourselves and focus on doing things that are important to you. Thank you for coming along on the musical journey with my little family and I hope that you enjoyed our 41st Spin - Significant Other by Limp Bizkit. If you find yourself looking for something to read or needing some inspiration for a new style of music, come back next Sunday.

Until our next Spin, be Kind to '90's Nu-Metal bands and be Kind to your Wax!










33 1/3RPM