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Spin #57 : Green Day : Dookie


This is the first album that I was introduced to from Green Day and I remember listening to it so clearly, even though it was released in 1994 when I would have been 4 years old. I probably didn't listen to this until 2000 or 2001 to be honest with you. Like a lot of the albums that I listened to in my younger years, I didn't understand all of the lyrics but I appreciated the music and how catchy it was. Of course I didn't know what the hell a 'Dookie' was at the time and the fact that Green Day named their album after going to the toilet is funny now. They had a lot of bad food on tour and wanted to name the album 'Liquid Dookie' but the label wouldn't allow that.

I think that I will listen to this on the loungeroom set up, firstly with headphones and then again out loud when the whole family is ready to listen. For those of you who don't know, our loungeroom set up is a Sherwood Turntable (PM-9805) and Sherwood Receiver (RX-4508), complete with 4 x Sherwood Bookshelf speakers spaced evenly across our loungeroom wall.

Image : Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool having a great time in the bath in 1994

Are you ready to #dropthestylus?

I have placed the LP on our Sherwood turntable and plugged in the headphone jack on the Sennheiser headphones. Checking that the speed is set right and hit the start button to start spinning the platter before placing the stylus down on the outer groove. No matter how many times I do that process, I am always amazed how good it feels. Maybe it also helps with other factors happening in my life right now going positively.

The sound starts coming through the headphones of first track, 'BURNOUT'. It's punchy, quick and lyrically easy to sing along with. Green Day have kicked off the album with a song about someone who has given up - "I declare I don't care no more, I'm burning up and out and growing bored. In my smoked out boring room, my hair is shaggin' in my eyes. Draggin' my feet to hit the streets tonight, Drive along these shit town lights". The drumming of Cool is coming through so clear and love the little drum solo between the chorus sections to round on this one. Through the headphones, this one couldn't have started any better.

Green Day is another band that Night Kat Kiz enjoys and really makes me think of her when I listen to it. Even though I came across bands before we had met, It instantly connects me to her and I love that. The drumming on second track, 'HAVING A BLAST' has given me new appreciation of Cool and his style. I knew he was a good drummer and hearing it on vinyl, with top production quality on this LP, makes me want to buy all their other studio albums. Listening to this takes me back to all the teen movies I watched growing up and there always seemed to be this kind of music - loner, skater, unsung hero etc. Other bands are Simple Plan, Yellowcard and Sum 41 just to name a few. I did find myself getting a bit upset listening along to the lyrics of this one - not sure why. Music has incredible powers sometimes and maybe my mind knows something subconsciously that I don't yet. "Well, no one here is getting out alive. This time I've really lost my mind, and I don't care. So close your eyes and kiss yourself goodbye and think about the time we've spent and what they've meant". I know that Armstrong mentioned somewhere that this song is about his own anxiety and troubles, so maybe I was picking up on his feelings coming through.

Third song on Side A is called 'CHUMP' and it really showcases the bass work of Dirnt throughout. Super clear compared to other versions that I've heard of this song and have to commend the production again. Honestly, go get yourself a copy of this pressing. Just whilst this song is playing on the turntable, it has got me thinking about Easter time last year. My sister got married and had a lovely wedding with her now Husband and our son danced the night away. He then woke up the next day and had so much fun finding all the Easter eggs that were left for him and our daughter. I have that photo up on our fridge of him with the 'special' rabbit sunglasses that help him see the eggs around the house. Big thanks to my mum and dad for organising all the Easter items again this year, I'll be sure to send through lots of photos of the kids having fun. The instrumental ending now rolls into the start of 'LONGVIEW'. I like the slower start and that bassline by Dirnt again is fearsomely good. What is your earliest memory of listening to Green Day? Let us know in the comments section below. I like the lyrics of , "I sit around and watch the tube, but nothing's on. I change the channels for an hour or two. Twiddle my thumbs just for a bit. I'm sick of all the same old shit. In a house with unlocked doors, and I'm fuckin' lazy". It's time to start living more and having more experiences - that is my current mindset. I don't want to look back and feel that I could have done more like the person in this song, so right now I want to be that 'Beacon of Light' for my little family.

Remember how I said the television turned on at midnight and we originally thought it was something sinister? Remember when I said we debunked it because our son had put an 'on-timer'? Well it happened again just before midnight this time and then quickly turned itself off. When I walked out into the loungeroom to debunk it, there was no 'on-timer' programmed. If there was a power surge or brown out I would understand many appliances or lights coming on and off but to have just the television......very strange. The next song that comes through the speaker as you are pondering our house ghost is called, 'WELCOME TO PARADISE'. I'm not sure if this was their biggest song from the album or just one I heard a lot in movies, but it is instantly recognisable and transports me back to my teenage room. How good is Side A of 'Dookie'!! I was sitting here thinking that this sounds more like a greatest hits album so far than a studio album. The next track 'PULLING TEETH', would be my favourite out of the lesser known songs. I like the tempo on this one and can drum along with Cool whilst singing along to the lyrics. "Is she ultra-violent? Is she disturbed? I better tell her I love her before she does it all over again, Oh God, She's Killing Me!!!". I also think it's because it has such a different sound compared to the previous songs.

The last song on Side A could actually be regarded as their biggest song on the album in, 'BASKET CASE'. Green Day owe a lot of their following to this breakthrough album and we are so happy that they made it. Sometimes when a band makes such a good album, it can be difficult to overcome with future releases. I think there is enough evidence to suggest Green Day have written other great songs/albums after 'Dookie'. I haven't given their latest album (Father of All...) a listen just yet but it's on my list. Just as this song ends , I like the vocals of Armstrong, "Grasping to you better hold on". As the stylus moves around to the dead wax, that means its time to flip LP over to play Side B.

I will play Side B without the headphones now and let my little family hear what is coming through. I don't think our son (K) and daughter (Q) have heard much Green Day in their little lives as yet but they seem to like what they've heard so far.

First song on Side B is called, 'SHE'. I remember during high school that dad loved Green Day and it would have to be up there as a favourite modern band. I think the album he got into them would have been 'Warning', which was released in 2000. Probably around the same time that I started listening to more Rap, Hip Hop, Metal and Alternative music to be honest. Now that I've gone back and looked at the Green Day albums that I've missed out on, I didn't realise that they have 13 studio albums! I'd love to get my dads take on Green Day in a future podcast. As 'SHE' starts playing, the bassline still comes through so clear and the drumming doesn't drown it out at all. I thought that it would sound better with headphones but now I think its on par without them too.

The sounds of 'SASSAFRAS ROOTS' are coming through the speakers now and at first it sounds like a track from one of their earlier albums. It might have been left over from the album before because it has a slightly different sound and a bit more unpolished I guess. This then continues into the hugely popular song called

'WHEN I COME AROUND'. If I had to bet on a song that everyone knows, this would be my choice. It really does have everything you want from a hit song and will have you singing along at home or in the car. "No time to search the world around. 'Cause you know where I'll be found, When I come around". The rest of the album is probably the part that I don't remember as well but its always fun getting back into songs from the past. Although this was released almost 30 years ago, the album is pretty timeless too. Next song called, 'COMING CLEAN' sounds a lot like Blink-182 style and I love it. Short and sweet seems to be the magic ingredient on a lot of Green Days songs and it suits the punk rock style. If you want more aggression and shorter songs, then be sure to check out the Australian band, The Chats.

Another song that reminds me of their earlier style would be 'EMENIUS SLEEPUS'. Written by bassist Dirnt and the title translation from Latin to English is, "Sleep with the buyer". I enjoy the quickness of playing by the band and would be a fun one to learn to play. We asked our son what instrument he wants to learn to play first and he responded by saying Piano. I know that our good friend Dr Jazz will be happy with that one and will have to help teach him in the future. We want to encourage our children to learn a couple of instruments and would love to have a home music room one day - completely sound proofed. I love the idea of our children coming home after a rough day at school and being able to let it out with music. I would put up all the concert posters that I have on the walls and make it the R'nR relaxation area for everyone. Comfy chairs would also have to be a must.

'IN THE END', almost caught me by surprise when it starts playing through the speakers. I like the lyrics of "I figured out what you're all about and I don't think I like what I see soooooo I hope I won't be there in the end if you come around". The drumming just seems so fun on these songs and I know that I've said it before but after listening to this album I now have the itch to drum.

Last track on the album, 'F.O.D' starts off with a very light style of singing and acoustic guitar. Mixed a bit softer too compared to the rest of the album and it made me have to turn it up a little bit. I like the lyrics of, "Stuck down in a rut of dislogic and smut. A side of you well hid. When it's all said and done its real and its been fun but was it all real fun". The title of this song means Fuck Off and Die and although fitting when feeling angry about things, make sure you don't hold onto that anger. That anger becomes heavy and it wears you out as your progress in life. There is an ending to the song before the hidden track 'ALL BY MYSELF' starts playing. This one is performed and written by Cool and continues the acoustic style. It reminds me of some band but I really can't remember who right now and its annoying me. The album ends pretty abruptly and Side A is definitely stronger. However, the album as a whole is amazing and has to be in your collection if you are a fan or enjoy punk-rock music.

I know that the last couple of weeks here at R'nR with Rylo have been a little bit turbulent behind the scenes but we have tried to roll with it. Like I've said in previous spins, the path will reveal itself soon. No one needs toxic people or things in their lives and if that means we need to purge all of that from time to time, then that is what we will do. Don't hold onto that hatred, let Karma do her job. Thanks for getting involved in our Mid-Week Sneak Peek (MWSP) on our social pages each week and Vinyl Fridays. We are still having fun and a lot has changed in a year. Imagine when we look back in 10 years time and the adventures we will have had. I will leave you with another quote that I find fitting.

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur" - Leo Tolstoy

Until our next Spin, be Kind to people who love Green Day (like my dad) and be Kind to your Wax!








$25 AUD+


33 1/3RPM






NIMROD (1997)







Favourite track/lyric:

"I'm all busted up, broken bones and nasty cuts. Accidents will happen but this time I can't get up. She comes to check on me, making sure I'm on my knees" ~ Pulling Teeth -Side A



































Green Day Having a Blast performing live on stage

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