Spin #7 : Slipknot : We Are Not Your Kind

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members on record : This band has #9 members but numbers have come and gone over the years, hence being incomplete. Corey Taylor (#8 - Lead Vocals and backing vocals), Mick Thomson (#7 Guitar), Shawn Crahan (#6 percussion, backing vocals), Craig Jones (#5 Keyboards/Sample music), Jim Root (#4 Guitar), Chris Fehn (#3 Percussion), Sid Wilson (#0 Turntable / Keyboard), Alessandro Venturella (Bass), Jay Weinberg (Drums)

Slipknot : We Are Not Your Kind

Year Released : 2019

Produced by Greg Fidelman and Slipknot

Label: Roadrunner records

Price Range: $ 55 - 70AUD

Speed: 33 1/3RPM

Album Before : .5 : The Gray Chapter

Album After : Yet to be released 2022 album (Get excited!)

Further Listening: We Are Chaos - Marilyn Manson

LP : 2 x Red limited edition 180gm

Mood for enjoying: This is best enjoyed when you need to let off some steam or vent about a bad day at work. Turned up LOUD and if you have long hair, let it out and headbang!

Track Listing:

LP 1

Side A

Insert Coin - 1:38

Unsainted - 4:20

Birth Of The Cruel - 4:35

Death Because of Death - 1:20

Nero Forte - 5:15

Side B

Critical Darling - 6:26

A Liar's Funeral - 5:27

Red Flag - 4:12

Side C

What's Next - 0:53

Spiders - 4:04

Orphan - 6:01

My Pain - 6:48

Side D

Not Long For This World - 6:36

Solway Firth - 5:56

What's in the Sleeve?

This is the 2 x LP red pressing that is a gatefold with lyrics printed in the middle. There is an insert that has on one side - all the members of Slipknot and then flip it over for a distorted image of a goat....bringing back memories of Iowa (second studio album). Some haunting imagery across the front, inner and back which doesn't surprise me when it comes to Slipknot record.

"Oh, I'll Never Kill Myself to Save My Soul. I was gone, but how was I to know? I didn't come this far to sink so low. I'm finally holding on to letting go" ~ Unsainted - Side A

Welcome to Spin #7 - Slipknot : We Are Not Your Kind

I chose this record for our #7 spin because I wanted to mix things up a bit and what better way then the complete opposite to our last spin (catch #6 here, if