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Spin #78 : Let There Be Rock : AC/DC


Welcome to our 78th Sunday drop from the R'nR with Rylo collection! Have a look at the faces below and comprehend what the world would have sounded like if we didn't have AC/DC. That is something that might have happened if the label (Atlantic Records) had of dropped them as they intended to do. It was only the pure fire of ambition mixed with hatred that steered the band the right way, making one of the best rock 'n' roll albums ever made - 'Let There Be Rock'. Just another feather in the cap for the 1970's really. The version that I have is the international cover with them playing on stage and the iconic logo seemingly glowing in stage lights, almost heavenly. There is an Australian version which shows fingers playing a guitar that appear to be moving very fast with the help of double exposure (every time I hear that in my head, I think of Ozzy Osbourne now).

If you asked all the Dad's out there, "What band would you want to listen to on Fathers Day?", I'm sure AC/DC would be the winner. There is something special about their style that you can't help but rock out too. For that reason, we are going to listen to this one in the front room and make the most of the sun. It has been lovely sitting in the sunshine but fresh icy winds make it difficult to sit outside with the kids. I'm going to turn up the Marshall Woburn II speaker all the way (most of the way) and get ready to rock with Angus and the boys!

Image: Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar), Bon Scott (Vocals), Angus Young (Lead Guitar), Mark Evans (Bass) and Phil Rudd(Drums)


It's time to #dropthestylus on this '70s classic rock album! I hope that you are ready to impersonate Angus Young around your loungins! (our childrens word for the loungeroom).

I was driving between offices a number of years ago now and had an interview with Angus Young playing through the radio station to pass the time. He was asked about the band and their style being too similar each and every album to which he responded, "We've been accused of making the same album over and over 12 times. The truth is, we've made the same album over and over 15 times". I thought that comment was hilarious because even though they do, why change a good thing? AC/DC have built their careers on this style and laid a solid foundation by using epic guitar riffs and power chords. The fact that they knowingly wanted to add more of that on 'Let There Be Rock' should get you excited for what you are about to hear.

The stylus is working its way around now and the sounds of 'GO DOWN' start coming through the speaker. One that I won't be explaining the lyrics by Scott to our children anytime soon, but they seem to love the mixture of heaviness in the bass by Evans, the hard hitting of drums by Rudd and slick guitar playing by the Young brothers. I love their energy and ability to create new dance moves to all different sounds and styles of music. I think they are going to be just fine in the future with their wide musical tastes. If there is one thing AC/DC do well, it's the pacing and build up towards the sound of shredding guitars. I like Bon Scott's vocals and I've heard Brian Johnson sing it too and enjoyed the slightly different vocals. They have been lucky to be able to replace someone so unique as Scott with Johnson after tragedy, in order to keep AC/DC alive in 1980 until this very day.

Another week down and another week where our children have grown up before our eyes so much. I find it amazing that in one day they can seem a whole year older. At school the kids made me lovely fathers day presents and were so excited for me to open them today. 'DOG EAT DOG' is up next and is such a true expression in the world today. You try and be kind in this world and you sometimes get kindness back. Sometimes you are perceived to be weak and get walked over. It can be difficult to distinguish when to be kind and when to put your foot down but most of the time you have to trust your instincts. I like the slowness of this track that works as an entrée for what is to come.

What an absolutely iconic and electrifying song 'LET THERE BE ROCK' is. I can see our kids bopping along nicely to this one. When I was younger we would play those console games - Guitar Hero and Rock Band a lot. They released an AC/DC version of the game and it was pretty addictive to play along to their songs. If you never had the chance to play, look up some of the videos online and you'll see what I mean. Nothing better than having a couple of people playing guitars, drums and vocals in the loungeroom. Often during live shows, Angus would jam out for 10 minutes by himself and the crowd would beg for more. Rock 'n' Roll has a way of connecting the musicians with the crowd and you can hear that participation even more on their live albums.

A catchy rhythm that seems contagious and hard to sit still too kicks off the last song on Side A called, 'BAD BOY BOOGIE'. I've seen a couple of people online challenge themselves to a "no headbang" contest and lose. I know that I would struggle because the music is just so good and don't think I could even keep my little toe still. The chorus reminds me of Jack Black in the movie 'School of Rock' and if you haven't seen that movie, please do, especially if you like this style of music. If you've ever been to a live show of AC/DC, you will know that they have a LOT of speakers and are easily the loudest out there in terms of Rock 'n' Roll shows.

I was away for work this week down the coast at a few nice places that I'd never had opportunity to visit before. I drove down and made sure to have 8 hours worth of good music to play through the radio of the car. The time seemed to go pretty quickly because it was all new roads for me to explore. I'm still not finding it easy being away from family but I remind myself that growth happens through adversity and sometimes we find hidden strengths within ourselves that wouldn't be found by playing it safe. Time to flip the LP over and drop the stylus on Side B.

Side B has been readied on the turntable and I've dropped the stylus on first song called, 'PROBLEM CHILD'. If this was the Australian version of the album, it would have a different track listing. There is also a different song called 'Crabsody In Blue', which I don't think I've heard before. We are lucky not to have children who are a problem, they are just incredibly energetic. I don't know the reasoning why there are two versions and different songs but it must have been something to do with the label and markets wanting different songs. I think this one sounds great and was the another one that had our son (Kgrooving along. I like the pre-chorus lyrics sung by Scott of, "What I want, I take. What I don't, I break and I don't want you. With a flick of my knife, I can change your life. There's nothing you can do". I'll have to look into their earlier albums to see how many others had an Aussie release and an International release.

'OVERDOSE' is a track that is about someone being so in love with another person that they get consumed by them, eventually overdosing on their love. A lot of the bands songs relate to women and the introduction builds the song slowly. I had a nice moment yesterday when I was mowing the lawns and our son (K) helped me push the mower for a bit. He was a little less scared this time of the noise coming from the lawn mower and whipper snipper, which is good progress. I enjoy showing him things when he has his 'ninja listening' ears on, because all he wants to do is help. He has a very very big heart. Our daughter is slowly shortening her day naps and getting more and more involved. She is also getting rather chatty lately and once her molars come through she will not be in so much pain. If you have a setup that allows a lot of bass, make sure you turn this one up as it will sound amazing.

If your foot was missing the toe-tapping action, then 'HELL AIN'T A BAD PLACE TO BE' will give it a solid workout. Some people say AC/DC's boring or basic....well I think they are just jealous. I could see this song playing during an episode of 'Supernatural', with Sam and Dean driving Baby around country. Pairs well with the track, 'Highway To Hell'. Although this album is relatively short with only 8 songs, I feel that they went for quality of quantity in order to create an album that you want to spin over and over again.

In 2010, I remember that this was the song that everyone was filmed in the crowd, removing their tops too raucous cheers. That song is called, 'WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE' and I remember the camera moved onto a large man who happily obliged by removing his top for the crowd. Not exactly what everyone wanted to see but it sure made everyone have a chuckle. This is the track where the crowd chants "ANGUS" and he responds with the riff. You can hear it on their AC/DC - Live album, which I think is top 5 live album of all time. What a way to end the album with such a hard hitting track. I haven't met a woman named Rosie but I'm sure that they either love or hate this song and are reminded of it constantly. I know that during the live shows they usually have a giant inflatable woman that they call, 'Rosie'. The ending of this song can go on forever with Angus going back and forth with the crowd but the studio version winds up in just over five minutes time. The stylus runs towards the dead wax and that signals the end of another Sunday Spin here at R'nR with Rylo.

I hope that you are finding time each and every week to enjoy the small moments and breathe. It's easy to get caught up in the expectations others have on us, but if you aren't happy within yourself, you won't be able to make others happy. I have been enjoying the new tea my lovely wife found this week and I think I might go and make a cup of "creamy" now. Give 'Let There Be Rock' a spin if you have this album, or any others of theirs, as you won't be disappointed. Remember to give your 'Angus Young' leg a stretch after the workout it just had and hug your loved ones every moment you can.

"It will test your head, and your mind, and your brain too" - Dewey Finn

Until our next Spin, be Kind to people who love Rock 'n' Roll and be Kind to your Wax!











33 1/3 RPM













Favourite lyric:

"Let there be sound, and there was sound. Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be drums, there were drums. Let there be guitar, there was guitar. Oh Let There Be Rock!" ~ Let There Be Rock - Side A























Angus performing to the masses front of stage

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