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Spin #79 : The Sickness : Disturbed


Welcome to our 79th Sunday drop from the R'nR with Rylo collection! If this is your first time coming across our blog then let me explain. It's a chance for me to capture moments about our ever growing family and our adventures, whilst we listen to records in our collection. This week I have chosen a favourite of ours and one of the most fitting album covers, as it truly is disturbing and provokes thought every time you look at it. This is the debut album from a band that was originally called 'Brawl' and they became famous overnight with 'The Sickness'. Hard to believe that the lead singer David Draiman, found an add in the paper to audition for the band, which would change his life and the metal music landscape forever. Are you ready for Disturbed?

I am lucky to have a decent pair of headphones and get to pump this one up loud in order to hear the layers of bass and heaviness. I've had an ear ache lately so I might have to turn it down slightly more than I would like. If I get a chance I will make sure to show some of these songs to our kids through the lounge room setup because I think they will like the heaviness.

ALBUMS OF NOTE (2000): The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem, Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park, Parachutes - Coldplay, Stankonia - Outkast, Relationship of Command - At The Drive-In, R - Queens of the Stone Age, Country Grammar - Nelly, De Stijl - The White Stripes, Oops....I Did It Again - Britney Spears, Black Market Music - Placebo, Brave New World - Iron Maiden

Image: Dan Donegan (Guitars, Keyboards), David Draiman (vocals), Steve "Fuzz" Kmak (Bass) and Mike Wengren (Drums)


It's time to #dropthestylus on this '00s classic metal album!

I made sure to take a moment this week after work to really unwind and immerse myself into this album. The best way for me to do this is either with headphones or to play it loud through the lounge room set up when no one else is home. I had my drumsticks out and set up a few soft things to hit, similar to an electronic kit. Definitely not the same but sometimes just hitting the sticks and playing along can really help me relax and decompress a little bit. If you ever see a photo, it would look funny because I have the cushions all set up like a soft furnished drum kit. The opening song is 'VOICES' and although it's not usually good to hear voices, in this instance it sure is. The mix of production layered over the instruments and Draiman's vocals punch you in the face as nicely as possible when this song starts. I remember my mum would spin this record to work out too because it is jam packed with songs that demand energy when you listen. Constantly find myself singing along and doing my best impersonation of the "oooo ah ah Ah aha" (obviously when no one is in the house as I don't want to scare the kids).

I don't like when people manipulate and play games with others but next song, 'THE GAME' is so much fun. This was a fun one to drum along with Wengren and the heavy bass of "Fuzz" feels like the speakers are going to have a headache in the morning. I dare you not to sing along when Draiman starts singing, "Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now run for her life in the battle that ends this day?". I couldn't pick a favourite song out of the first four songs, so I didn't. The tracklisting might be a little top heavy in terms of hits but for a debut album, this is such a solid effort.

'STUPIFY' was the first single released from this album and I could have sworn it would have been the next song if you quizzed me. I haven't had a drum in a while so I had to stretch out my wrists and fingers now that they have warmed up a bit. Who doesn't want to sing out loud, "STUPIFY" which sounds something that could be shouted out in a Harry Potter movie to be honest. I know that our children will love this one but it was a little bit harder to get them to listen this week. Planning my next few weeks of work as I play along and right at this moment am so relaxed and enjoying this. What are somethings that you do in order to find enjoyment or relaxation? You don't need to have many, just one really and take time each week to put aside troubles. Even if it is for 30 minutes a week, it is really beneficial. I almost hit the stuffing out of the lounge cushion on the next song because I was hitting that "kit" so hard. 'DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS' has to be one of those songs that demands attention as soon as the introduction begins. The drumming is heavy and catchy and Draiman is on top of his game vocally and lyrically: "Looking at my own reflection. When, suddenly, it changes, violently, it changes

Oh, no, there is no turning back now, You've woken up the demon in me". If people get pushed and backed in a corner, sometimes they have enough of it and fight back and that is what this song is truly about. I like that the chaotic ending is still sung at their live shows and not replaced with a recording.

Time to have a quick water break after a solid workout with the drumming. 'VIOLENCE FETISH' is about people who have a requirement or necessity for violence in their lives. I'm glad that I don't because that would be an exhausting way to live, constantly on guard for hate because you project hate yourself - not worth it. I like the slower lead in on this song and darker vocals (if they could get any darker!). We had a chance to see a new playground with the kids earlier this week and they had the spinning barrel that you walk through (similar to Luna Park in Sydney). I don't know if it's sad or funny but we really go on the hunt for good and safe playgrounds for the kids. Night Kat Kiz and I will usually report back to each other, "Saw a good playground today, fenced off and far enough away from carpark or road".

Side A closes with a very catchy track called, 'FEAR'. It's something that we all have at different points in our lives and was probably my second favourite track to drum along too. I think it's all about the perspective that you hold in life and how significant you feel at different moments. You can sometimes feel a little insignificant and that's normal, but slowly build your confidence up and overcome that fear you may have of the unknown. Disturbed have a knack of giving you songs that empower you and help with building you back to what you were or better. The stylus moves along to the dead wax and signals the end of Side A. I'll flip the LP over to Side B and get ready to drum again. There was a nice moment with our daughter (Q) where she woke up and handed me her pillow, drink and abby (bunny rabbit toy) then climbed up to sit with me and said her name. The sunshine was coming through the window and she was watching me type away on the computer, perfect.

The vocals on opening track of Side B sound almost subdued and fitting because the song is called, 'NUMB'. It doesn't mean that they don't bring the fire and amp it up in parts - "You've created a rift within me. You are the cause of these horrid complications. That are ripping and tearing and feeding and growing inside of me". I think the impact Disturbed have on people and their fans is caused by their highly relatable topics and feelings. There are going to be moments in your life that you will feel numb and maybe you already have. I know from my old line of work that it took a long time to feel enjoyment when I was doing something that I used to absolutely love. I guess it was a temporary disconnect that I worked hard on to be the best man, husband, son and eventual father again.

I like the opening on 'WANT' because if you have the speakers up loud it will give you a shock. There is always something that you want, but I have a pretty strong will to not buy or over buy things if I dont have the money for them. Doesn't mean that I'm not creating one hell of a record list for the future when we are millionaires! Up next is 'CONFLICT' and it's a good track if you, obviously have an enemy. Right now, I don't and it doesn't get me as pumped up as it probably did back in high school. That is a good thing and I could still have a lot of fun drumming along to this one but wasn't thinking of an enemy at all. 'SHOUT 2000' is probably my least favourite song on the album but it doesn't mean that I don't like it. I think it's a good cover song of 'Shout' from a band called Tears For Fears but just not the pace that I wanted when getting pumped up by this album. I do however welcome the break in drumming. The lyric sheet is included for this album but there is no lyrics for this song on it.

If there is a song on the album that is my favourite and not amongst the strong start on Side A, it would be 'DROPPIN' PLATES'. I think after the cover song, this one picks up the energy again and almost reminds me of nu-metal style song that was huge in 2000. Always a tricky song to listen to if you are washing the dishes as you really don't want to drop any plates. I wonder how many people still know how to wash up after a meal or is everyone used to dishwashers now? I like it when our son (K) wants to help me with the dishes instead of watching television. It might mean that a lot of water goes on the floor and we have to wash some plates more than once but its a moment where he is helping and feeling included. Disturbed were only just beginning but were confident in their abilities by bragging about dropping hit songs ('Droppin' Plates). "You said it couldn't be done. Told me that it's the kind of battle that just couldn't be won, you know

"You're too sick, too hard, too fucked in the head. You'll never make it, no, not in this lifetime". Well, guess again, my friend, don't act surprised. We got the bass-drum kick that will blow out your eyes, huh. 'Cause when you hear this shit, you'll get to steppin', Gonna fight the war and use my music as a weapon". When I sing along to that part of the song, I find myself hitting the drums (cushions) a bit harder and having fun. Isn't that the point?

If the 'MEANING OF LIFE' is to "get psycho" then the last song on the album will get you up and about. I had a rest from drumming, as I could feel a blister forming from not doing it for so long, and decided to one-man mosh in the loungin' (kids word for lounge room). After feeling puffed out and getting some R'nR for myself, It's time to lift the stylus and place the LP back in the sleeve. The cover artwork is just as disturbing to look at as I pack it away and that brings us to the end of our 79th Sunday Spin.

Disturbed are a band that make you feel included and a deeper level of connection as you listen to their records. If you get a chance, I think that you should look at their live album from Red Rocks in Colorado. They really don't have a bad album and If you are lucky enough to have a copy of 'Asylum', then I'm jealous because it's the only album I don't have of theirs. Thanks for getting involved with our MWSP and reach out if you want to talk about anything. Music can heal, and that is what we are allowing it to do. Don't be embarrassed to sing out loud because sometimes that releases something negative inside you and can make you feel really good. Plus kids have a way to make you smile and laugh every day - especially when they come up with new dance moves or funny sayings. I remember our son saying, "Crack and Cheesers" instead of "Cheese and Crackers" for when something went wrong. I think he picked it up whilst watching the show, Bluey.

"People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them" Epictetus

Until our next Spin, be Kind to people who may be Disturbed and be Kind to your Wax!











33 1/3 RPM




BELIEVE (2002)


​ASYLUM (2010)







Favourite lyric:

"Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now run for her life in the battle that ends this day? Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she now run for her life now that she lied to me?" ~ The Game - Side A

























SHOUT 2000






Early days of Disturbed

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