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Spin #103 : Here Comes Everybody : Spacey Jane


'Here Comes Everybody' by Australian band Spacey Jane is our selection from the R'nR collection this week and one that is a more recent edition - thanks Waxx Lyrical (Ben). I was listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 back in 2022 and didn't realise how popular this band was until I heard them. Then I realised what had I been doing!?!?! The song that got me hooked was the third song on this album called 'Lots of Nothing' and once you hear it, you'll understand why. An energetic live band from what I hear and one of the hottest bands in Australia right now that deserves your attention. If you are able to add 'Here Comes Everybody' to your record collections, I highly recommend it. I've since had a look at their debut album (Sunlight - 2020) and can't wait to see what they do next. This type of Indie rock is very enjoyable coming through the speakers and pairs nicely with a ice cold lemonade on this hot day.

Wishing our friend 'H' a very happy 4th birthday and hope that he enjoyed his birthday party today. I know our kids loved playing and running around and that's what growing up is all about. Sprinklers, cricket, birthday cake and getting muddy! They probably won't be awake to hear this one today after using all of their energy at the party, so Night Kat Kiz and I will spin this one together. I'll play this one in the front room, hoping that the nice breeze keeps rolling in through the window. The Marshall Woburn II speaker is fired up and ready to send out those sweet sweet tunes coming from the Audio Technica turntable.

Image: Peppa Lane (bass guitar), Ashton Le Cornu (lead guitar), Kieran Lama (drums) and Caleb Harper (guitar, lead vocals)

It's time to #dropthestylus on this 2022 indie rock album. Are you ready?

The benefit of using an automatic turntable, is it almost feels 'dirty' pressing a button to start the turntable and drop the stylus. I like using it sometimes because it also stops itself once it reaches the dead wax on each side and you don't have to worry about lifting up the stylus. I don't prefer it, but it has been handy. We still have the all analogue set-up in the loungeroom, but choose particular times to play records on that one. We did spin a couple of records on Friday night but we were so relaxed, that I forgot to post anything on the socials. If you can get yourself a copy of 'The Darkness - Live at the Apollo' recording from 2018, do it! It felt like Night Kat Kiz and I were kind of back at their concert again.

A few nice moments happened this week and I want to write them down here so we don't forget them. Hopefully one day I don't lose my memory, but in case I do - it will be nice to read all these blogs again in the future. First moment happened towards the end of the week and we were making the most of the good weather outside. Our children had set up the Esky that has the cricket stumps handle attached to the chalkboard and pretended it was all a shop front. They asked me if I'd like to play shops and I thought that it would be a good moment. Our daughter was pretending to be traffic control beside the shop because a big crane was operating. I walked up to the shop counter and met the shopkeeper, who looked remarkably like our son.

Son(Shopkeeper) - "Hi, what you want?"

Rylo - "What have you got to buy?"

Son(Shopkeeper) - "Lots of things. Here, what about this ring toss".

Rylo - "How much does that cost?"

Son(Shopkeeper) - "$2"

Rylo - "Sounds great. My son will love it. Here's your money".

He then handed me the ring toss box, walked out of the store to the other side of the backyard pathway

Son - "What's that Dad? I love it" Rylo - "The shopkeeper, who looked a lot like you told me that my son would love this ring toss game."

Son - "Let's set it up Dad".

I had to laugh at that moment because he had switched between shopkeeper, to my son so quickly. It was a great use of his imagination. He then asked me how to set it up and I said that I didn't know.

Rylo - "Maybe I should ask the shopkeeper again" Son - "Yeah".

He walks back over to the counter and pretends to be the shopkeeper again.

Son(Shopkeeper) - "Hi again, back so soon"

Rylo - I showed him the wooden pole that screws into the base - "Hi again. We wanted to know how to set this up".

Son(Shopkeeper) - "An adult has to do it".

I said thank you and turned around to see my son now picking up the rings and asking how it went at the shop. I told him that an adult has to help set it up and he responded with, "Yeah that makes sense".

I loved this moment so much. We also had some fun making paper planes and decorating them with crayons and stickers. They are growing up so quickly that Night Kat Kiz and I are really trying to enjoy each and every week as it comes. Even if we are stressed or anxious with other things going on, we make sure to reflect on the week that was and appreciate where we are at. Usually this happens with the footy on or music playing while throwing darts out the back. It's important to have unwind time together and alone, in order to stay sane.

'Here Comes Everybody' kind of has the initial instant classic feel, very polished and full of singles (6 released in total from the album). This band reminds me of a mixture of Australian bands all rolled into one - Lime Cordiale, Ocean Alley, Boy & Bear and Hockey Dad. Have you ever listened to an album for the first time that instantly feels familiar? That was the overall feeling I had when I streamed this one before buying it. 'SITTING UP' begins with great vocals and up beat, light feeling music that relaxes us instantly. Caleb Harper has a distinct voice and I remembered that I've heard him sing on the Wiggles album and he still sounds so good (check out our spin of 'ReWiggled' here). The thing that I like about some bands being on vinyl is being able to hear the different instruments clearly. Some streaming mixes are great, but I've had a couple of times where I've been listening to a song and then hear it on wax and say, "I didn't realise how good that bass line was until I heard it on vinyl". Have you had this experience with a particular song/album?

'LUNCHTIME' has a great kick drum sound coming out of the Woburn II speaker that made me look up a bit towards it. I don't know why, like we are expecting to see the physical music coming out of the speaker or something. Harmonies here really add to the Summer feel on this album. I'm finding it difficult to pick a favourite song at the moment.

Like I mentioned in the opening lines, 'LOTS OF NOTHING' is the first song that I heard from the band on the radio and was hooked like a fish. Plus it has some pretty Aussie lyrics - "Oh, the morning of the comedown. My eyes on the road, She's tugging at the stitches. Shaking in the cold, She says, "Pull into the servo, honey". Before the vocals come in, I did think a crazy thought that obviously is wrong but I did think it - this sounds like a country version of Placebo style music. Then I thought that I still need to look up their new album and give that a listen because I've heard that it's pretty good. I'm following along with the lyric sheet on this one and looking at the artwork on the jacket. Interesting choice to have light shining at the four band members and reflecting the light onto us, similar to how the Eqyptians bounced light from the sun around the room. The darkness can be seen all around them however and it tells me that they are doing everything they can to be the shining light for themselves and others. It makes sense on the sadder sounding song, 'CLEAN MY CAR' . If you listen along to the lyrics of, "I cleaned my car, I made my bed. I do the things I know to calm my head". There has been some grieving and loss experienced by the band and they let it filter and inspire songs throughout this album to great effect.

I did the lawns yesterday and vacuumed the car while thinking of this song. I wanted to wash the cars too but it was bloody hot in the sunshine and I'd already received my limit of sunshine by doing the lawns earlier. I did manage to wash one of the cars later in the afternoon before the kids went to bed. I'm so glad vinyl is thriving again and that artists agree that it's the premier format to release their music on. I mean, it makes the artist more money and it sounds a lot better for the listener - win win. This song is one of loss and I didn't get a chance to look into the back story of this one. Maybe I will reach out to Harper and ask him directly.

On 'HARDLIGHT' there is a continuation from the previous song lyrically. The person in the song is struggling with the weight of the world on their shoulders and trying to keep from breaking on the outside. 'Keeping up Appearances' is the term I was thinking of. If you've been through something and feeling anxious or pressured, remember to breathe and talk it out with someone. The last song on Side A is 'IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY' and it starts off more acoustic sounding than the previous songs. Harper's vocals are front and centre on this one as it comes out of the Marshall Woburn II speaker. I really enjoyed the emotion behind his voice on this one. The stylus works it's way to the end and returns back to the cradle to let Night Kat Kiz and I know that its time to flip the LP over.

Favourite lyric:

"In a race to get happy, No sign of the leadin' pack. I'm the consummate lonely, I'm there to drink and then head back. I wake up at lunchtime. Well, I don't know what you're talkin' about. Well, I'm stuck, catatonic once again" ~ Lunchtime - Side A

As I was flipping the LP over to Side B and giving it a quick brush, I was thinking about the last song's vocals and sound. So far I would say that one might be my favourite song on the album. I press the button and make sure Night Kat Kiz is ready to listen to Side B of 'Here Comes Everybody'. First song on Side B is called 'BOTHERS ME' and it reminds me a little bit like another Australian band, Thirsty Merc. Almost trance like sound that provides calmness after another busy weekend. This song would sound great at a live show with the whole crowd singing along.

The lyrics on 'NOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR' come from the viewpoint of so many young people and how they spend their weekends. They are looking at how they are living life and realising that getting drunk and spending all of their money on alcohol adds to "another wasted day". Of course they have to go out and have fun for a moment in their life, but know when it's time to redirect your path. Sadly some people never realise. Have you ever had someone say to you that you need to smile more and drink water? Well on this next song called 'HAIRCUT', the person is going through some tough times and thought that a haircut would help. When it doesn't work, all they are left with are their thoughts and not in a good way. So far the best sounding song on Side B and one that I saw myself tapping along to the beat more as the song played. Half way through the song there is a moment where it sounds like George Harrison is playing along with them and it made me think of the album, 'Living in a Material World'. If you haven't heard that album from the '70s I think, make sure you do.

If you listen to this album as a whole, it distinctly feels that Side A is the up beat party side, in most parts and Side B is the realisation and comedown side. 'HEAD ABOVE' is telling you to try and keep your head above the water if you feel somedays like you are drowning in problems and negativity. 'YET' offers a bit more sunshine and melancholy feelings that the band seem to write about so well. It leads to the last song on Side B and I think this one was a single off the album too. 'PULLING THROUGH' seems to package all of Side B and say, "its going to be ok". There are some nice harmonies amongst the band on this song and a good way to finish the album.

Thank you again for spending some time with my family and I as we spin records from our collection. You might not like every album that we spin every week but It might also expose you to a band that you didn't know that you were missing out on. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones this week. If you are struggling and only want to talk about music, let me know on our social pages. I also have my fingers crossed that the Illawarra Hawks can knock Melbourne United over today and force a game 3! Hopefully the crowd are loud and get behind the lads. I want to mention that this first week in the tipping comp has been horrendous and so far, only 1 of the favourites has actually won. Some of the tipsters in our comp (not mentioning any names) are already saying their tipping season is over.

Until our next Spin, be Kind to people in your tipping comps and be Kind to your Wax!

"Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once" - Paulo Coelho











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Spacey Jane performing live on stage


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