Spin #2 : The Jimi Hendrix Experience : Axis: Bold As Love

Updated: Jul 1

Band Members on record : Jimi Hendrix (Guitar / Vocals), Noel Redding (Bass) and Mitch Mitchell (Drums)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience : Axis : Bold As Love

Year Released : 1967 (record is the 2010 pressing)

Produced by Chas Chandler.

Label: Legacy

Price Range: $35 - 50AUD

Speed: 33 1/3RPM

Album Before : Are You Experienced? (1967)

Album After : Electric Ladyland (1968)

Further Listening: Machine Gun: The Fillmore East first show(1969)

LP : 1 x 180 gm , Black - Legacy

Mood for enjoying: I found this album works on a summer evening with a cold drink in your hand, kicking back. Some of the songs make you want to get up and play air guitar around whilst others let you enjoy the rhythmic journey the band takes you on. Up tempo album that will leave you in a good mood.

Track Listing: LP:

Side A EXP - 1:55

Up From The Skies - 2:58

Spanish Castle Magic - 3:03

Wait Until Tomorrow - 3:02

Aint No Telling - 1:48

Little Wing - 2:25

If 6 Was 9 - 5:34

Side B

You Got Me Floatin' - 2:48

Castle Made of Sand - 2:48

She's So Fine - 2:39

One Rainy Wish - 3:42

Little Miss Lover - 2:22

Bold As Love - 4:11

What's in the Sleeve ? The gatefold design with the cover lengthways is similar to Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and Michael Jackson's Off the Wall. It shows Hendrix, Redding and Mitchell surrounded by Cobras and ancient Indian gods. Without looking into the cover, I'm not sure what their cover direction was at the time but definitely something to research. The Lyrics are printed on the inside and separated as Side 1 on the left and Side 2 on the right. The sleeve feels sturdy and inside there is an 8 page glossy liner notes book. It briefly talks about the album and adds a few photos from their performances. 180 gm LP with songs listed on the label. Can't fault the quality for price just by looking at sleeve.

"The Sun From the Clouds Seeps into Her Eyes, The Rain from the Trees Soaks into Her Mind" ~ She's So Fine - Side B

Welcome to Spin #2 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis : Bold As Love I chose this record as the second Spin because it was the lesser known 'The Experience' album and also their second go around. As this is our second edition I think that it's fitting.

For the review I used the set up in our loungeroom as it provided a better range of sound (4 bookshelf speakers spaced across the main wall, approximately 3.5metres in length). The set up consists of a Sherwood Turntable (PM-9805) and Sherwood Receiver (RX-4508) complete with 4 x Sherwood Bookshelf speakers.


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

I bet that if you were asked to name the three studio albums of 'The Experience' that you could probably name one or two. Those would be 'Are you Experienced?' and 'Electric Ladyland'. I would then go further and ask you to name some of their better known songs and you would probably mention 'Foxy Lady' , 'Hey Joe' or 'All Along the Watchtower'. That's ok. Before delving into the catalogue I was in the same position because I didn't bother to take a look at their second effort, Axis : Bold as Love.

I get it, a lot of people would assume because it doesn't have those big hits that it would be easy to forget. Those people would be wrong as it's an extremely well put together album with a lot of thought and obvious focus put in by all involved. In this instance I am happy to be wrong.