Spin #24 : Jim Sullivan : UFO

Musicians on Album: Jim Sullivan (vocals, guitar), Don Randi (keyboards), Earl Palmer (drums), Lyle Ritz and Max Bennett (bass guitar), Jimmy Bond (string bass)

** Currently, 'UFO' album is not available on Spotify - Check out a couple of his songs that appear on both 'UFO' and 'If The Evening Were Dawn' **

Jim Sullivan : UFO Year Released : 1969 Produced by Al Dobbs, Chad Dulaney and Norman Skolnik Label: Light In The Attic Records Price Range: $50+AUD Speed: 33 1/3RPM Album Before : N/A (debut) Album After : Jim Sullivan (self-titled) 1972 Further Listening : Harlan County - Jim Ford (1969) LP : 1 x Coke bottle coloured LP Mood for enjoying: I could listen to this record at any moment and be transported to a happier place. Soothing, calming and would go nicely with a whisky (or cuppa). Track Listing:

LP Side A

Jerome - 2:47

Plain As Your Eyes Can See - 2:27

Roll Back The Time - 2:14

Whistle Stop - 2:37

Rosey - 3:21

Side B Highways - 2:51

U.F.O - 2:50

So Natural - 3:02

Johnny - 4:05

Sandman - 2:31

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x LP - Pink (salmon) label and coke bottle translucent green pressing, gatefold sleeve, 16 page booklet with backstory and lyrics, art print. Cover colour changed from original to salmon pink to match (original release was blue).

"I'm here honey dry your eyes. Reach your arms out to me. I have made it after such a long ride. Honey now your Sandman's back in town" ~ Sandman-Side B

Welcome to Spin #24 - Jim Sullivan - UFO

This week I have chosen a record that first caught my attention by listening to the song, 'Sandman'. I was instantly hooked and delved a little deeper into the artist before being captivated and saddened by his backstory. That record is 'U.F.O' by singer-songwriter, Jim Sullivan, released in 1969. I was deciding for quite a while before purchasing this record and kept streaming songs from Sullivan that I could find. I would listen to them before bed and kept feeling a bit attached to this artist for some reason and in the end, I decided to purchase from Vinyl Me, Please (check out in liner notes section above for further information on VMP). Something triggers within me when it comes to unsolved crimes/stories and my mind begins to go into overdrive in order to resolve it.

Whether it's a documentary (check out The Staircase, The Sons of Sam or Sophie: A Murder in West Cork) or in this case the unsolved disappearance of Jim Sullivan, my mind needs to make sense of it. Obviously, a lot of these will never be solved but that's a bit of insight into my mind.

For this weeks Spin, I have decided to make the most of the sun in our front room as it has been raining so much lately. Our little ones are also making the most of the sunshine filtering through the window by playing and listening along. For the moment we are using our Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT and Marshall Woburn II speaker set-up, but the idea is to eventually upgrade this turntable. Just had a few records lately that require an adjustable tonearm, weight, anti-skate etc.

Jim Sullivan walking across the sand....sadly, no one knows what happened to him. Read on for more below!


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

The quality of this repress by Light in the Attic and Vinyl Me, Please is just second to none. The weight of the LP, the artwork and booklet make this pressing all the more impressive as I place the coke bottle coloured wax onto the turntable. Now, the backstory of Sullivan is one of intrigue and ambiguity as no one really knows what happened to him, even till this day.

Sullivan or Sully as he was affectionately known by his friends was struggling with the idea that his music wasn't successful. He had all the talent to be a star, except it wasn't aligning for him at the time. He decided in 1975 to head across the country from LA to Nashville and somewhere in Santa Rosa, New Mexico vanished without a trace. Now there are all kinds of theories online about Sullivan's disappearanc