Spin #5 : Sudan Archives : Athena

Updated: Jul 23

Band Members on record :

Brittney Parks (Sudan Archives - Vocals and Violin), Collin Davis (Bass, Guitar and Drums), Cliona Ni Choileain (Cello), Brian Hargroves (Keys), Will Archer (Keys, Synths), Paul White, John Debold and Kenny Gilmore

Sudan Archives : Athena

Year Released : 2019

Produced by Sudan Archives and James R. McCall IV

Label: Stones Throw Records

Price Range: $45 - 55AUD

Speed: 33 1/3RPM

Album Before : N/A

Album After : No follow up to her Debut album at time of writing

Further Listening: Moses Sumney - Aromanticism (2017)

LP : 180 Gram, Black vinyl

Mood for enjoying: Athena is a great record to put on whilst its raining outside or your in the mood for easy listening with a twist. It has the haunting vocals over classical/pop/rnb syle music and listening in front of a fire place would be suited. A record to help self-reflection.

Track Listing:


Side A

Did You Know - 3:14

Confessions - 2:53

Black Vivaldi Sonata - 2:50

Down On Me - 4:10

Ballet of the Unhatched Twins I - 0:41

Green Eyes - 3:41

Iceland Moss - 3:30

Side B

Coming Up - 3:41

House of Open Tuning II - 0:38

Glorious - 2:27

Stuck - 1:08

Limitless - 2:55

Honey - 3:02

Pelicans in the Summer - 3:38

What's in the Sleeve?

The record comes with a small insert with song information and acknowledgements, record sleeve with artwork on both sides and sheet music for 'Black Vivaldi Sonata'. Overall the artwork and photography is very well thought out and they've put together a well packaged product for Sudan Archives debut record.

"I took a piece of you home, 'Cause I need something to hold. This guilty pleasure's unfolding, How I want to taste your fear" ~ Down On Me - Side A

Welcome to Spin #5 - Sudan Archives : Athena

I chose this record for our #5 spin because its a record that I instantly got into upon first listen and was excited to review. I'm trying to select records that are of different genres and this week found myself wanting classical mixed with rnb sound. Perfectly fitting this choice is Sudan Archives debut record, Athena. Plus the artwork when placed up on the shelf just looked awesome in our room.

For the review I used the set up in our loungeroom consisting of our Sherwood Turntable (PM-9805) and Sherwood Receiver (RX-4508). The range across the 4 x Sherwood bookshelf speakers will be what made me choose this set up for the Spin. Also, its pouring outside and the rain hitting the roof would drown out the setup outside. Our daughter is crawling around in the loungeroom for the first time and is all rugged up in her little cardigan. I think she enjoys our Spin time just as much as we do, as she has a knack for waking up