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Spin #37 : Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco : Celia & Johnny

Musicians on Album: Celia Cruz (vocals), Johnny Pacheco (vocals, percussion, guiro and flute), Victor Venegas (bass), Ralph Marzan (bongos), Johnny Rodriguez (congas), Ismael Quintana (maracas), Pappo Lucca (piano) and Justo Betancourt (coro, backing vocals/chorus), Charlie Rodriguez (tres), Hector Zarzuela and Luis Ortiz (trumpet) and Louie Ramirez (arrangements)

Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco : Celia & Johnny Year Released : 1974 Produced by Jerry Masucci Label: Vaya Records Price Range: $20AUD+ for older presses Speed: 33 1/3RPM Album Before : N/A Album After : Tremendo Cache - 1975 Further Listening : Buena Vista Social Club - Self-titled LP : 1 x black LP Mood for enjoying: Great album to put on the turntable on a Friday or Saturday night after a long week. As long as you are prepared to feel the rhythm. Track Listing:


Side A -

Quimbara - 4:55

Toro Mata - 5:38

Vieja Luna - 3:12

El Paso Del Mulo - 4:40

Tengo El Idde - 4:59

Side B -

Lo Tuyo Es Mental - 3:12

Canto A La Habana - 5:30

No Mercedes - 4:16

El Tumbao Y Cecilia - 4:51

El Pregon Del Pescador - 5:03

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x black LP

"La rumba me esta ilamando bombo, Dile que ya voy. Que me espere un momentico asi, Mientras canto un guaguanco" ~ Quimbara - Side A

Welcome to Spin #37 - Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco - Celia & Johnny

Welcome to R'nR With Rylo! I told you that this week we would be spinning an absolute hip shaker and we have chosen the self-titled debut collaborative album, 'Celia & Johnny' by Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco. Hopefully you found some time this week to breathe and take a moment for yourselves. I know that I was able to have a nice moment with my family and pause for a moment before the chaos came creeping back in.

I have chosen for this Spin, our set up in the front sun room and our setup consists of the Audio technica AT-LP60XBT and the Marshall Woburn II speaker. There is something about a nice drink in hand and Salsa music playing to relax you. Now it's time to sit back and relax and come along the journey on our #37 Spin!

Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

Before we place that stylus on the outer grooves of 'Celia & Johnny' and feel the serenity that the sound of wax brings, I want to take you back in time. The first time that I heard this album was a few years back now when Night Kat Kiz and I were having a lovely night out at a friends place. There was lots of laughter and drinks and the music was working its magic in the background, as it does. Now, it wasn't on a turntable but the music still left a lasting memory on us. I remember also putting this one on in our loungeroom when we got back home and began trying our best to dance the Salsa. I knew then and there that I needed this album on wax and in our collection. Also, If you haven't seen the 2014 movie Cuban Fury, then do yourself a favour and watch it after reading this Spin. The soundtrack alone is worth it and I particularly like 'Mambo Gozon' by Tito Puente.

This album was before our children and will be one we will show them as they grow up. Why? Well that would be because it is fun, it gets you up and on your feet and for the length of the don't think of anything negative that might be happening in your life. Whenever I listen to this album now, I firstly think about Salsa dancing in the loungeroom with her, nothing else mattered. All that mattered was her smile and the happiness felt. Now, I don't understand the language and have no knowledge of the artists or album background, but it doesn't make this album any less enjoyable to me. I am usually the one to follow along with the lyrics sheet and really pay attention, however this album does the opposite because you'll be too busy dancing instead.

I think it is the mood the Salsa style of music creates that I am a sucker for. Prior to the children being born, Night Kat Kiz and I did discuss signing up for lessons and for those that know us, know that we both love to dance. When you drop the stylus on this one you will feel either of the following things happen to your body:

- your hips will start to roll and sway

- your feet will begin to step forward and back

- the roll of your shoulders and flamboyant movement of your arms

- transporting yourself to a Salsa bar where lights are hung on a wire across the sky and everyone is up and on their feet

- All of the above

There are a couple of albums in our collection that get spun regularly or for certain times of the year. I guess 'Celia & Johnny' would be that summery twilight /night record that you'd put on with maybe some Sangria or beer. I was so thankful for Night Kat Kiz when she located this record for us and glad that it has since been repressed by Vinyl Me Please! (VMP) record club. This is one that I've recommended before to friends and hope that they find the enjoyment in this album as much as we have. I also feel that every collection should have something to make you feel alive and because it is a foreign record, may be overlooked by a lot of collectors here in Australia. What would be an album in your collection that you could put on, close your eyes and be transported to that place in the world? Another record that is worth checking out if you enjoyed this weeks spin would be 'Buena Vista Social Club' self-titled album. Especially if you are an admirer of well produced and packaged records with booklets, lyrics sheets and overall quality.

Usually, I would run through the album, track by track but I feel that this week all you need to do is listen to it as a whole. I don't want to take away from any of the magic that you might find whilst listening along. Celia and Johnny found each other at the perfect time in their careers and have collaborated on this special record that wont be forgotten in our household any time soon.

Thanks for coming along for the musical journey with us and hope that you enjoyed our 37th Spin, self-titled album by Celia and Johnny. This record has a special place in our lives as I have mentioned before and really hope that you add this one to your collection. I can't believe how quickly this project has gone by and I still remember brainstorming the idea of a time capsule to look back on our collection in the future with our children. My aim is to review our collection, one Spin at a time and provide some insights and fun along the way. Currently counted that if we keep this up on a weekly basis that we should be good for the next 10-15 years.

As always, get involved on our social pages and our MWSP which is released each and every Wednesday at 4:50PM. We had some changes occur recently that are good and bad - but we are rolling with whatever happens next. Sometimes you worry or get so caught up with what might be and that can also be not good for your mind/body. Well, while the children are sleeping I think we might find some time to Salsa dance in the loungeroom while we can.

Until our next Spin, be Kind to Salsa lovers and be Kind to your Wax!

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