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Spin #90 : Matter Of Time : Meg Mac


Welcome to our 90th Sunday drop from the R'nR with Rylo collection! We are all exhausted after a really big week and weekend. I was away this week for work and by the time I returned home late on Thursday night, Night Kat Kiz and I were ready for bed. It was lovely to get cuddles from the kids before they went down for the night but it seems to be all catching up with us now on Sunday afternoon. Our little boy turned 5 on Saturday and we had a small party to celebrate with family and friends. We were lucky with the weather for most of the day, which was good. I coulnd't imagine a birthday party with over 30 or 40 under 5 year olds in our place and scared of the thought. Luckily the little ones that attended are angels and get along with our gremlins amazingly. Must be that their parents are legends. This week we are spinning the album, 'Matter of Time' by Australian artist - Meg Mac.

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to go see her perform at Anita's Theatre in Thirroul and she sounded even better live. We made it into a couple date night after getting our children minded by family. The venue used to be an indoor skatepark when I was younger but they have renovated it to become one of the premier venues of the northern suburbs now. I have a lot of good and bad memories from that skatepark growing up and spent a lot of my Friday nights there with mates. I also remember getting my new skateboard the night before my birthday and someone dropping in on me on the mini half pipe, breaking my foot and ending my birthday weekend before it had a chance to begin. This album was also the feature album for the record of the month club, Waxx Lyrical. It was included with the monthly subscription and came with a signed LP sized artwork card by Meg Mac. It was an album that I was going to purchase regardless but getting it included for free with the ROTM was a fantastic surprise. I haven't been able to put funds towards keeping that subscription lately but if you are interested, reach out to Ben and sign up.

Image: Megan Sullivan McInerney also known as Meg Mac

This week we are spinning this album on our front room set-up - Audio Technica turntable and Marshall Woburn II speaker. The weather isn't too bad currently and we have a nice breeze coming in through the windows. As long as the rain and hail doesn't come back tonight, I will be happy. After the party yesterday we had a massive downpour that flooded parts of the front and back yard in no time at all. Night Kat Kiz had yelled out from somewhere towards the back of the house - "HAIL" and we ran with blankets to cover the car. Ended up naming the car after the U.S Marshall - Raylan Givens from the television show, 'Justified'. It was either that or Kentucky because of the colour blue. Our now 5 year old son settled on, 'Marshall' and had a big grin on his face (probably because he things that it is named after one of the pups from Paw Patrol).

Did I mention that our daughter woke up before the birthday boy on Saturday? He had hit the age of 5 and started sleeping in. We were all up and waiting for him and it was a cute moment when our daughter walked into his room to wake him up. She has started saying his name and walking around the house with a handbag over her shoulder. I think she was more excited at that moment for the party than he was.

Now It's time to #dropthestylus on 'Matter of Time' by Meg Mac and hope that you have yourself a copy already. If you haven't, maybe listen along via streaming services and see if it would be a record that you would add to your collections. As I was looking at the inclusions for this record I did notice that there isn't a lyrics sheet and was kinda bummed. That's only because I love following along with a tangible lyric sheet, but the music makes up for it. There is however a personalised letter from Mac herself. I organised it for Night Kat Kiz with Mac online and she handed the letters out during her concert. It was a lovely idea and I'm sure Mac has sore hands and wrists after writing letters for all of her shows. Mac also included a second sheet that has the hand written lyrics for the song, 'LETTER'. Having the letter, tickets, signature on the cover and memories of the show make this album such a keeper in our collection. Thank you Meg. Also, the pub that is next door to Anita's Theatre really needs to get some pool tables back. We had time to spare before the show and I remember playing pool there back in my teens/early 20's. We turned up for a drink and I was dissappointed that they had removed them all completely from the venue.

I didn't realise at first but Mac had written most of an album before deciding to basically throw out the material and start again. She ended up heading to Burrawang in New South Wales to take refuge from the world and focus on the process. I think that is pretty cool because we live about 50 minutes away from where this album was written. I don't know what the original material sounded like and we probably won't get to hear what that might have sounded like. The first song sounds like a song that is used to pump up her positive feelings and quell her fears. 'IS IT WORTH BEING SAD' sounds like it's asking the question that we sometimes have to ask ourselves in order to cope. Sometimes you go through struggles and let yourself wallow in self-pity and sometimes you use that empowerment to strengthen and re-align yourself. That sounds like what Mac has done here on this first song. Our children enjoyed the chilled music and powerful vocals on this opening track a lot. I like the lyrics of, "Never have I been the one to run, thought I had it figured out. Then, finally, I broke the vow. I ran so fast, I don't know how. Was it worth being sad about?". The sound fills every inch of the front room like a smoke machine and draws you in with each note.

I think 'ONLY LOVE' explains that things take a toll and sometimes they are the same things that give our lives purpose and enjoyment. Things that often involve hard work but they are usually the most rewarding. I don't know what was happening in her life to run away and start fresh, but to want to go off grid and shutdown in order to get the creative spark was a bold choice. We are all about taking chances here and the album ended up reaching #1, so I believe her when she sings, "Would I do it again. Oh yes, I'd do it again. Is it worth all the noise? Is it worth all the pain? I would do it again. Oh yes, I'd do it again. At the end of the day, It'll hurt just the same". This track seems to pair well with the warmer weather and having a nice drink by the pool on one of those sticky Summer nights approaching us soon.

'UNDERSTAND' showcases the vocal range of Mac during the pre-chorus and chorus to great effect. I can attest that she can sing this well live or even better than on her albums. The more that I listen to this album I can feel myself getting into the music behind the vocals and the harmonies. A way that I can tell if I am really enjoying a record is that I notice my shoulders start dancing along to the music. Yes, this album has already got my shoulders moving about and Mac is asking us to give her a chance in order to understand. Definitely understanding so far and loving the rhythm on this track. Is there 'SOMETHING IN THE WATER'? Who knows, but this is one of those songs that has a magical beat paired with her vocals. Probably my favourite track on the album to this point and I really enjoy the slowness to it, mixed with harmonies. Very reminiscent to a Tina Arena style track that I'm sure my mum would love. Our children stopped what they were doing and looked up at the Marshall Woburn II speaker as if a sermon was being given. They stopped playing with the remote control cars and listened (for a short while - they are 5 and 2). With this song, imagine being out on a clear night and watching the sun set and Mac sings, "You're gonna tase it in the water (taste it in the water), You'll feel it in the air (feel it in the air). The signs are all around you (signs are all around you), There's something in the air (something in the air). Was this the song that made her realise that she had found that creative spark again and was appreciative for it? The pressing has been superb so far and I can't fault it one bit.

Paired well with the previous track is my favourite from the album called, 'LETTER'. I like how quietly spoken she is and has such a family orientated show that feels warm and humble - her sister Hannah supports her on stage singing harmonies. She has so much talent and I really enjoyed her idea to write letters to fans for her tour. I didn't realise that this track was one that she didn't co-write with anyone else on. It's a song that makes you reminisce about old friends and loved ones that maybe you fell out of touch with and you can feel the emotion in her vocals as she sings this track. Still getting energy back from the exhausting week and we are halfway through the album. What are you thinking so far? I know if you play this album loud or with headphones on, there are moments where you'll be given goosebumps (in the best kind of way).

The opening song on Side B has moments where I feel like I'm listening to a 60's or 70's song on pirate radio - similar to the movie, Rock the Boat. There is also feelings on this track that remind me of the theme song for the British show, Luther. 'ON YOUR MIND' defintely leaves an impression on my mind and is a postive sound song of support. You might get lost in the song and not realise but Mac is actually offering support for you to, "Call me when you get home when you get that feeling that you don't wanna go on". This track really stands out from the rest and is good to offer a bit of variety, especially when parts of the track have a hypnotizing effect. Our children are playing nicely and in an almost trance state - thanks Auntie Mac.

Up next is the title track, 'MATTER OF TIME' and a song that has so much depth. Mac seems to be pumping herself up saying that she will make it, perserver no matter what and whatever she puts her mind too, she will make it happen in time. If you read into the album lyrics and get lost in the music, it is quite uplifting. This track actually survived the fall out of the scrapped album and predicted a change. I like the rawness on this track and glad that it survived the culling.

'DON'T YOU CRY' sounds like one of those tunes that could be used at a wedding but probably not because of the lyrics. The tune is magical and so sad when combined with the vocals. The guitar work to support Mac is played to amplify the sadness. A lot of these songs and moments are probably cathartic to sing for Mac who was going through her own demons during the writing process. It's ok to have moments of crisis and lose yourself for a small while, but trust in yourself and your abilities, you'll come good in the end.

Listening along to the next track called, 'LIFESAVER' makes me think of someone lost at sea desperately waving to get the attention of the lifeguard on duty. Is that her inspiration for this song and possibly a cry for help during the writing process. It has moments where you are just tapping along and enjoying the tune, even though the lyrics are mostly sad again. A lot of learning and self-love came out of this album.

The last track on the album is called, 'HEAD ON THE PILLOW' and that is something that we are looking forward to doing after a busy week and weekend. The strings in the background layers of this song come to life through the record and I didn't hear them as well when I streamed this album in the car on my trip. Mac is basically saying that she won't look back on what might have been, but instead be content with her choices as she lays her head down on the pillow for the night. I think because of the amount heartache that went into this album, there will be a lot of benefit to her creative process when it comes time to write her next album.

The stylus has now hit the dead wax on Side B to let us know that 'Matter of Time' has come to an end. Did you enjoy escaping to the countryside with Meg Mac and unravelling her album with us? Christmas time is approaching and it might not be a happy time for everyone. Please treat each other with respect during this time especially and be courteous when out shopping. Time to make ourselves another cuppa and enjoy the rest of our weekend. I hope that you do also.

"Letters are something from you. It's a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail" - Keanu Reeves

Until our next Spin, be Kind to everyone who likes writing letters and be Kind to your Wax!











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Favourite lyric:

"Cause I would not allow, Anyone to hurt you. I wish I could say, babe, that everyone's the same. Maybe it's time to write that letter, I've been meaning to send you, been waiting so long to say and I'll feel better when I tell you the reason I had to walk away. Have you been waiting all this time? " ~ Letter - Side A 



























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