Spin #16 : Curtis Harding : Face Your Fear

Updated: Jul 1

Artist/Musicians on album: Curtis Harding (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Backup Vocals Composer), Sam Cohen (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Drums), Oliver Hill (Violin/Viola), Ali Jones (Cello), Amber Mark (Backup Vocals), Elizabeth Pup-Walker (Percussion), David Christian (Drums), Raymond Mason (Trombone, French Horn)

Curtis Harding : Face Your Fear Year Released : 2017 Produced by Curtis Harding, Sam Cohen, Danger Mouse and Nic Jodoin Label: Anti- Price Range: $60+ AUD Speed: 33 1/3 RPM Album Before : Soul Power (2014) Album After : If Words Were Flowers (2021) Further Listening : Call Me - Al Green (1973) LP : 1 x Black LP Mood for enjoying: Put this record on if you are having a date night, trying to work through something emotionally or looking out at the world from a train window. It works on so many levels! Track Listing:

LP Side A

Wednesday Morning Atonement - 4:29

Face Your Fear - 3:54

On and On - 4:02

Go As You Are - 3:58

'Till The End - 3:12

Side B Need Your Love - 2:57

Dream Girl - 3:23

Welcome To My World - 3:37

Ghost Of You - 4:29

Need My Baby - 3:18

As I Am - 4:03

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x LP in gatefold sleeve, paper slip for record and the pink/black combination really makes the record stand out. Lyrics are presented nicely on the inside with photo of Curtis on the right hand side

" It doesn't matter what you say I'm still, I'm still gonna float away for real. In a minute y'all I'll be gone, right or wrong, I'm gonna just keep rolling on and on and on" ~ On And On - Side A

Welcome to Spin #16 - Curtis Harding : Face Your Fear

Let's bring it back a notch after the punk/rock/alternate spins of previous weeks with the smooth and effortless record, 'Face Your Fear' by Curtis Harding. Everyone needs to have this record in their collection in my opinion because it is so modern, yet so timeless. I know that it doesn't fall on your birthday Night Kat Kiz but I hope that you have had a lovely week, found some time to get some R'nR and that you feel appreciated every single day.

We enjoyed this week's Spin #16 on the set up in the front sun room because the warmth was coming in from outside and this record at the same time. I am interested in seeing what 2 x Marshall Woburn II speakers would sound like in the front room but for now we have the one and our awesome Audio Technica LP60BXT turntable. So sit back and read along or put this record on your turntable if you have it - it's time for some R'nR with Rylo!


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

If I handed you this record and said "have a guess as to what year this record was made", you would find it difficult to decide. Is it from the late 60's or 70's? When I first stumbled across this record by Curtis Harding - 'Face Your Fear', I was catching trains to work and had a lot of time to look out at the world whilst listening to music. I remember trying to find something that wouldn't be too aggressive because I would have scared too many people on the train if I started headbanging and also something upbeat enough to keep me awake. The cover brought me in with the pink and black combination which really made it stand out on my phone as I scrolled through Spotify. I can recall the exact moment I heard this as I was looking out of the train window as I went over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and thought - this is incredible.

I looked into the background of this album more as I listened and realised that it wasn't from the 70's but was released in 2017. Shortly after this discovery, I made sure that I purchased the physical copy on wax. I was excited to show Night Kat Kiz, as I knew that she would enjoy it as much as I did. Hearing it come through the sound system for the first time was one of the most unforgettable moments and I remember just sitting on the lounge and hugging her, letting the music flood the room.

This time I have the LP ready to place on the turntable platter and will follow along with the lyrics that are printed on the inside of this gatefold. Making sure the stylus cover is off before pressing the start button and the soft sounds of 'Wednesday Morning Atonement' comes through the Marshall Woburn II. If you have a good set-up with bass, don't forget to turn this one up. The songs have a heavy soul bass sound that works in contrast with the start of the song. 'Wednesday Morning Atonement' has so many layers as you listen along and would be even better listening through a decent set of headphones if you can. I like that this album has a mixture of guitars/drums/keyboards and then throws in the classically trained string and brass instruments. The soft start to the album drew me in and the second song really hooked me.

That song being the title of this album, 'Face Your Fear'. Close your eyes whilst listening to this one and listen to the different styles of percussion driving the song in tandem with the bass of Cohen. This one is just so smooth and you can't help but groove on this track. Harding has a voice that is reminiscent of Reverend Al Green, but with a modern twist as he sings, "Just be cool cool when it meets you". There are a lot of tracks that could have been used as the album title on this album but I think the words 'Face Your Fear' give us as listeners the motivation to look within and find our strength. There is always going to be things to worry about and as long as we have that inner strength, we can overcome our fears and challenges. Powerful and thought provoking song.