Spin #20 : Whiplash : OST

Updated: Jul 1

Musicians on Album: Score produced and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz. Compositions by Tim Simonec. I was impressed by actor Miles Teller who played 99% of the movie on the kit after taking jazz drumming lessons

Whiplash : OST Year Released : 2015 release (movie was released in October 2014) Produced by Darren Blumenthal Label: Varese Sarabande Price Range: $55AUD+ Speed: 33 1/3 rpm Album Before : N/A Album After : N/A Further Listening : The Freedom Rider - Art Blakey (1964) LP : 1 x Black LP Mood for enjoying: This record makes me want to play more Jazz/Blues/Soul records or go out and play drums. Such a motivating film and motion picture soundtrack. Good one to have on when sipping on a cup of coffee. Track Listing:

LP Side A

Snare Liftoff (dialogue) - 0:43

Overture - 3:19

Too Hip To Retire - 3:03

Whiplash - 1:55

Fletcher's Song in Club - 1:28

Upswingin' - 2:12

Rehearsal Medley (First Nassau band rehearsal / Second Nassau band rehearsal / Studio band eavesdrop / Studio band rehearsal after breakup) - 1:34

Caravan - 9:14

Side B Good Job (dialogue) - 1:28

Practicing - 1:43

Intoit - 3:19

Accident - 5:21

Casey's Song - 1:57

Dismissed - 2:46

Drum & Drone - 1:34

Carnegie - 0.36

When I Wake - 3:50

Hug From Dad - 1:14

What's in the Sleeve ? 1 x black LP, poly sleeve and insert with images from the film

" Either you're deliberately out of tune and sabotaging my band, or you don't know you're out of tune, and that's even worse " ~ Terrence Fletcher

Welcome to Spin #20 - Whiplash : OST

Please don't be in fear of sitting down and soaking in our 20th Spin - 'Whiplash'.

I won't be like Terrence Fletcher and throw any chairs at anyone's head if you haven't heard this motion picture soundtrack. If you haven't seen this film however, make sure you do yourself a favour and get around to it as soon as possible.

I decided to listen to this motion picture soundtrack through the loungeroom set up - Sherwood Turntable (PM-9805) and Sherwood Receiver (RX-4508) with 4 x Sherwood bookshelf speakers. Whilst listening to this one I really wanted to close my eyes and pretend I was sitting in the studio, listening to the band.


Drop the Needle (of course means place the stylus nicely on your wax):

This is very exciting as this week we hit the milestone of #20 Spins! I have chosen a special record this week and also a first for us here at R'nR with Rylo, that being it is a motion picture soundtrack. 'Whiplash' came out in 2014 and starred the spectacular cast of J.K Simmons and Miles Teller as the teacher and student within the world of Jazz. The film is a perfect example of someone being pushed to their limits and at the same time growing to unbelievable heights of ability. The question is - How far should someone be pushed to achieve these heights and did the character played by J.K Simmons overstep that line?

'Whiplash' is special to me because it came at a time when I was in a different line of work and gearing up for a big wedding day in the not too distant future. When I watched this movie, it really struck a chord with me and stayed in my mind for a long time afterwards. I think it was due to a number of things happening at the time and also the fact that I was impressed so much by what Teller achieves and his work rate. Let's dive right into this one and place the stylus on the record to hear the first track, 'Snare Liftoff'.

'Snare Liftoff' is a warmup routine that helps the drummer work on technique and timing, until you get so fast that you no longer can increase. It is then followed by dialogue from the movie of Simmons. It's a good start as the snare warmup is the start of the movie and I can instantly visualise that scene of Teller warming up in a spare room of the school.

The next piece of music is called, 'Overture' and is a very upbeat song. I wish I understood a bit more about the key it is played in and tempo of this song, just by ear.